The Ujal and Dragons of Preor by Erin Tate



The Ujals are the first supernatural beings introduced on Earth. In exchange of cleaning the polluted water, they were given freedom to remain in the seas. They can also stay on land since they can shift on two legs as well. Aside from environmental duties, they also seek potential mates thru Intergalactic Mating Agency. As expected with shifters, the stories are bam-insta-love kind of way. I totally love the males and my fave of all is Rhal’s story. Gosh I am a mess after that one!

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After the 4th book, Preor males came. Yes they are mostly males since their race are close to extinction due to lesser born-female dragonlets. They saved the Ujal princess in exchange for assistance in getting a chance to look for a mate. When War Master accidentally found his mate, it starts the love-bug for these dragon males. Amidst the racism and internal war, more have found their match and dragonlets are starting to pop up! This series is hilarious and aggravating at the same time. I love the alpha macho mentality ofcourse, plus the women are fierce in their own ways. You’ll enjoy thsi for sure if you are looking for Happily Ever After. πŸ™‚

To see the book sequence, check them out below.

  1. Vados
  2. Tave
  3. Rhal
  4. Erun
  5. Dashing Through The Stars
  1. Jarek
  2. Taulan
  3. Kozav
  4. Rendan
  5. Zadri
  6. Hatched
  7. Ivoth
  8. Brukr
  9. A Baby for Chashan
  10. Argan



Honestly, I have been hesitant to read this series after 1st book because I hate Bronagh’s character. She is so annoying, I almost did not finish Dominic. Thank God I read the excerpts for the rest of the books, so I give it a go. Now I am glad I learn more about the brothers and I soooo love their family it is so hard to part ways after book 6! Can’t believe I will be so attached! T.T

Soooo this series is all about the Slater Brothers and their life to normalcy. Born and bred to Mafia family in USA, they are slowly detaching themselves from the despicable life when they came to Ireland. In addition, each of them had found their love one by one. In a blink, their lives are changing for the good. However, their pasts will still haunt them and continues to bring danger and pain…

I adore the alpha loadness in this series. How the brothers love each other so much and their possessiveness with their partners. The humor is abundant and I love how the author also portray the drama and action together. My favorite stories are Kane and Ryder.  I am sort of a mess with all the crying you know. I just love the growing family sooooo much esp in BROTHERS. The babies are all grown up and the whole fam exploded in numbers. Love them ❀

To check out the book sequence, see list below. Also, the link for EPUB download is here.


  1. Dominic
  2. Bronagh
  3. Alec
  4. Keela
  5. Kane
  6. Aideen
  7. Ryder
  8. Branna
  9. Damien
  10. Allanah
  11. Brothers
  12. The Man Bible

New Species by Laurann Dohner



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New Species are the group of people that were experimented and abused over the years. Due to their overall difference in physical appearance and character, they were isolated in supposed to be Army based. They called it Homeland, and more places will be built for other new species found. First story is about FuryΒ  – yes their names are all based on their character or looks. I love his and Ellie’s story the most. 2nd faves would be Slade and Valiant. Justice is also there, but after that book, I am kinda disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, they are still good story wise, I just hate that there is so much sex scenes. Like for every chapter! I mean, I want sci-fi genre, not erotica! It’s not just tolerable anymore. I really have to skip multiple sex scenes like WTF! HAHAHA. Maybe it is a disadvantage to read it continuously. I don’t know about you guys, but thats it for me πŸ™‚

I still love the story plot. It’s like semi shifter series with touch of sci-fi. The whole alpha macho heroes and mating tendencies truly appeased my love for HEA. Every couple’s situations are entertaining. There is humor, drama and ofcourse holy damn action!!!! If you are in my page, for sure you’ll enjoy this as well πŸ™‚

For the book sequence and EPUB download, check out below.

NEW SPECIES by Laurann Dohner

  1. Fury
  2. Slade
  3. Valiant
  4. Justice
  5. Brawn
  6. Wrath
  7. Tiger
  8. Obsidian
  9. Shadow
  10. Moon
  11. True
  12. Darkness
  13. Smiley
  14. Numbers

Elder Races by Thea Harrison





Dragon Bound will always be my all time favorite shifter romance. Dragon and Pia would always be my fave couple as well. The Elder Races universe is fuckin amazing as well I am super entertained. After I read Planet Dragos, that’s when it hit me, my fave shifter family is finally saying goodbye. I’m gonna miss you Cuelebre Fambam!!!!!


So obviously from the first book, this is all about The Great Beast. The one and only dragon alive falling in love with the half human-half unicorn, Pia. Yes, you heard it right a goddamn UNICORN! Sorry that was a spoiler but I can’t contain it. Both are from ancient times and one of a kind. So imagine their differences in both personality and characteristics; to Dragos raw strength and power while Pia with her gentleness and speed. From physical looks down to the food they it, they are totally opposite. Despite that, they are so perfect for each other..Β  πŸ™‚


The series is called Elder Races. A diverse universe about Wyr, Elves, and Faes. The succeeding stories are about how each Cuelebre Sentinels found their mates and chose different paths. Additional stories also include other people that will affect the family one way or another. I adore them all ofcourse. They are part of the journey. Because every event in this series are correlated to one another. So you better read them by sequence.

To download the EPUB copies, check the link above the book sequence list.

ELDER RACES by Thea Harrison

  1. Dragon Bound – Dragos & Pia
  2. Storm’s Heart – Tiago & Tricks
  3. Serpent’s Kiss – Rune & Carling
    • True Colors – Gideon & Alice
  4. Oracle’s Moon – Khalil & Grace
    • Natural Evil – Luis & Claudia
    • Devil’s Gate – Duncan & Saramela
    • Hunter’s Season – Xanthe & Aubrey
  5. Lord’s Fall – Dragos & Pia
    • Sebastian & Olivia
  6. Kinked – Quentin & Aryal
    • Dragos Takes a Holiday
    • Pia Saves The Day
    • Peanut Goes To School
  7. Night’s Honor – Xavier & Tess
  8. Midnight Kiss – Julian & Melly
    • Dragos Goes to Washington
    • Pia Does Hollywood
  9. Shadow’s End – Graydon & Beluviel
    • Liam Takes Manhattan
    • The Chosen – Wulfgar & Lily
    • Planet Dragos

Dark Protector by Celia Aaron


In all fairness with Celia Aaron, her book covers are goddamn HOT! And I love her one shots espΒ Β THE BAD GUY. You better check that out as well once you’re done with Dark Protector πŸ™‚

Conrad Mercer is an anti-hero in every sense. Born to be a killer and had long list of blood under his belt. As an assassin for hire, he welcome death like breathing air. Everything changed when he met Charlie, a florist in his little town. Due to his obsession with her, now she is in danger. He’ll do everything and kill anyone who intends to harm her. A story how love changes everything even a man who doesn’t have any soul.

I love the couple in this story. Con is a badass alpha male but has a soft spot for his woman. He is fiercely loyal, protective and a very good friend. Charlie, as a victim of abuse is a strong and cool character. She is not a damsel in distress type of heroine and I love her for it. They are perfect for each other and I am glad they made it til the end. πŸ™‚ Worth to mention is my fave side character Nate. He is fuckin funny and I wish he’ll have his own story soon. ❀

If you are into action romance with a little bit of sexiness, you better download the EPUB copy below and start reading Dark Protector by Celia Aaron.



Callaghan Brothers by Abbie Zanders



Okay its not the best military romance I read. Maybe because there are little suspense in the story; 3 out of 7 books. It is more of how heroines play hard-to-get and Callaghan boys court them like forever. I just expect more explosions I guess, and I am disappointed it has more internal dialog than action. Still, it is enjoyable tho.

What I like about this series is every book is different. The story plot is totally unique for each couples so the feelings are also refreshing. I just hope the author emphasize more how special the Callaghan family are. They were given limited circumstances where they can show their strength. Maybe aside from Ian, Michael and Shane. Anyways I was still entertained and made it til 7th book! I love the most are the babies popping every book. haha. I wish they have more exposure. lol.

Oh and this is all about Croie. The concept is to find your soulmate and insta-love story. πŸ™‚

Sooo if you are stuck at home in a long weekend, check out Abbie Zander’s books below. You may also download EPUB copy thru the link.


  1. Dangerous Secrets – Jake & Taryn
  2. First and Only – Ian & Lexi
  3. House Calls – Michael & Maggie
  4. Seeking Vengeance – Sean & Nicki
  5. Guardian Angel – Kane & Rebecca
  6. Beyond Affection – Shane & Lacie
  7. Having Faith – Keiran & Faith

Stage Dive Series by Kylie Scott

Stage Dive.jpg

Its been a while since I read a contemporary romance about rockstars. They usually all about cheating, alcohol and drugs. Tho DIVE series sort of has them, its more of in the past setting. So I am kinda surprised that the main male characters are straight up loyal and nice men. I mean ofcourse the alpha tendencies are there but they are unique individuals; totally different to each other.

So I adore the band. My fave is Malcolm but I also dig Jimmy. I love that their stories are under different circumstances. At first I am worried since book 1 is all about insta-fall-in-love story. I’m just glad that is not the case for the rest of the crew. Yeah that instant like is there, but their’s are kind of slow burn romance. ❀

If you want to be entertained, you gotta love STAGE DIVE series. Amazing characterization with a dose of humor and drama. Its not too short ans not too long either. Perfect for a week long read πŸ™‚ Check out the book sequence below together with EPUB download.

STAGE DIVE Series by Kylie Scott

  1. Lick – Evelyn & David
  2. Play – Anne & Mal
  3. Lead – Lena & Jimmy
  4. Deep – Liz & Ben