Dragon Kin series by GA Aiken



I wanna introduce one of my fave authors and all-time fave series as well. This is the first dragon-shifter series I read that caused me sleepless nights! Yes, Dragon Kin series is absolutely the best! You’ve got a bad-ass heroine and an alpha dragon with crazy dragon family. The story plot for Book 1 , Dragon Actually is already good, typical mating frenzy. But the humor is the human mate is a bad-ass warrior that adds non-stop action in the story.

I super love my actions, so swords and war are super yehey for me. Dragon Kin series give me that adrenaline rush with addition of romance. As the series gets longer, the more entertaining it is! Every book there are new characters, new challenges and new loves. The politics and history of the dragon and human community were exceptionally written. The magic is soooo rich that I enjoy it as the series prolonged.

Annwyl the Bloody and Fearghus the Destroyer. Their growing family is so much fun to read. GA Aiken knows how to tell a story that is so engaging that its hard to put down the book once you started. Don’t even mention the plot twists that makes me stop to rethink. haha. If you are into paranormal-romance, this series is for you! So check the book sequence below to get started now.

  1. Dragon Actually – Fheargus the Destroyer & Annwyl the Bloody
  2. About A Dragon – Briec the Mighty & Talaith
  3. What a Dragon Should Know – Gwenvael the Handsome & Dagmar the Beast
  4. Last Dragon Standing – Ragnar the Cunning &Keita the Viper
  5. The Dragon Who Loved Me – Vigholf the Abhorrent & Rhona the Fearless
  6. How To Drive a Dragon Crazy – Éibhear the Blue & Izzy
  7. Light My Fire – Gaius and Kachka

There are also mini stories in between Dragon Kin series.

0.1)Everlasting Bad Boys – Ailean the Wicked & Shalin the Innocent
0.2) A tale of Two Dragons – Addolgar the Cheerful & Braith the Darkness
0.4) Dragon on Top – Glheanna the Decimator & Bram the Merciful

The series is a little too long now so you better start reading now. You may download EPUB copy by clicking the link below.

Dragon Kin series by GA Aiken


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Phoenix Pack Series by Suzanne Wright

I am a paranormal-romance fan and my fave of all are the shifters community! Though the only ones I read are wolves and dragon shifters. I know, i know sooo mainstream but hey we have our own preferences! I love wolfs because Im a dog momma and their kinda the nearest link to them. Dragons, coz usually their backstory are soooo centuries ago that interesting characters are usually introduced. Plus, the background plot for them were usually so magical that I’m so hooked with it. Though I hate the overload sex that most authors tried to establish, that’s why its hard to kinda balance out to get a good story.

Honestly, my list for werewolves series is pretty short. Few authors are so incredible who knows how to write a good one. So first, I’ll make a review about the Phoenix Pack series by Suzanne Wright. I love this author actually, I’ll make a review for other books she already published later on. Again, let go back to the series. haha. This series is actually full of sex (even an ORGY is introduced! :o). I know I said I hate overload sex but Suzanne Wright balanced it out with good story plot and characters with substance.


Usually in shifters-romance books, the hero is always the bad-ass alpha and the heroin is sometimes weak and lame. But with Feral Sins, the heroine is sooo feisty and sarcastic. Love Taryn’s character so much in this book. Even the hero is not normal charming hot guy, but a man harder on the edge. The other wolves introduced such as the enforcers and psychotic antagonists are also entertaining to read.:)

Feral Sins is the first book in this series and I’m super thumbs up how it was written. Since the books are not stand alone, you really have to start with Book1 to enjoy the rest of it. Also, in order to read the other werewolf series from same author, which is Mercury Pack series, you really have to align yourself with Phoenix Pack history.

If you want a good steamy werewolf romance for the weekend, please read Phoenix Pack series by Suzanne Wright. I super recommend it, so here is the book sequence:

  • Feral Sins – Trey and Taryn
  • Wicked Cravings – Dante and Jamie
  • Carnal Secrets – Nick and Shaya
  • Dark Instinct – Marcus and Roni
  • Savage Urges – Ryan and Mackenna (to be released on May 3rd 2016)

You may get an EPUB copy of Phoenix Pack series by clicking the link below:

Phoenix Pack Series


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Racing on the Edge Series


I know this series had been very controversial due to copyright issues of the author Shey Stahl. However, if you just like to read a good book like me, regardless of the author, then this series is for you! I honestly don’t know where to start, just that these books aren’t for short stories peeved reader. Its not just a story about two bestfriends turn lovers, but the author made sure you get the front row sit of racing life. If you’re not a car person, you’ll learn a lot about car parts in this series. I know! I don’t even know what the heck is camshaft and crankcase until I read racing on Edge series. 😀

Soooo to start of, I love happy ending! And Riley family brings you their crazy loving fambam along with their crazier and weirder friends! This series made me laugh and cry so hard. I believe the story was written beautifully, peeking thru Sway’s and Jameson’s minds. The complications, sacrifices, and pure love in supporting someone you love doing his passion and dream. I love Sway, being the Pit Lizard that she is until she became the Mama Wizard and all. I love Jameson for being so HOT and SMEXY all the time and faithful to every special people in his heart. Andddd as I said, all the Riley fambam was so entertaining that you just cant stop loving them as the story goes on.

One book is kinda long, so after book 5 it had covered up to 40 years of their relationship. From their first meeting up to the day they had grandchild. Its just so nice to finally found a book that did not left you feeling like you miss something or a little unsatisfied. I mean you don’t need EPILOGUE for this, the whole series tell you how Sway and Jameson found their happy ending, and oh boy how they found it!

If you are ready for a long weekend, here are the book sequence of Racing on the Edge series by Shey Stahl:

1. Happy Hour
2. Black Flag
3. Trading Paint
4. The Champion
5. The Legend

For EPUB copy of Racing on The Edge series, please click the link below.

Racing on The Edge Series – Shey Stahl


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