Fantasyland Series: Golden Dynasty

GD 2

Right there above is how I picture Queen Circe and Dax Lahn. Damn. The second book for KA’s fantastical series had been my fave book of all time. Yup, definitely top 1. If you haven’t read Golden Dynasty, you are for sure missing a very very good book.

This second installment is surely waaayyyyy barbaric than the first book. From the first page, damn you’ll be hooked right away. “Wife Hunt” as it says is the major event in Korwahk where warriors choose their wives by hunting them and claiming them right away. Just imagine what would the heroine would feel when she was suddenly transported to this parallel world and one of the females for the Wife Hunt event. Gosh. The feeling of being raped, and warriors killing each other just to get you. Lets not even add the language barrier that will put you on depression. Circe is one of my fave characters in the series. Brave, Loving and Transparent.

Dax Lahn or King Lahn was the epitome of alpha barbaric man. I mean literally, “You Mine, I’m yours” type of guy. hahaha. Its super fascinating how KA make this strong and powerful warrior became soft and loving with her wife. How i wish I have a man like him. Yep, you’ll hate and love Lahn in this story.

I can’t remember how many times I cried and fell inlove as the story goes on. Seriously, KA did a phenomenal job in writing this story. The Korwahk language, barbaric traditions and magic makes it so special. I never hate character as much as I hate the antagonist in this story. Just know how happy I am when his head had been ripped from his body in that scene. Yeah, totally gross. Expect more of that from this 2nd book.


I’m an emotional mess throughout the time I’m reading Golden Dynasty. ( I felt every hurt and cries of Circe so much, as well as the love of Lahn to her golden queen. Specially the last part of the book where Circe was gone, oh men that was totally a bucket of tears moment. Nothing compares to that plot twist, I swear.

If you have not read Golden Dynasty, please please do so. Its kinda pretty long but you can finish it in one seat. You may download the EPUB copy by clicking below.

Golden Dynasty – Kristen Ashley


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