Fantasyland Series: Fantastical

fantasticalFantastical is the  third installment of Fantasyland series from KA. The plot setting for this story is in the small city of Belleberyn where Prince Tor resides along with her wife Cora. Along with them that will join the adventure are loyal horse, flightless bird, vickrants and witches.

Souls that was split into two and given to her/his other half or soul mate. Wicked witch turn into she-god Minerva loves to make her play by splitting souls of each soulmates and imply a curse that they must not meet before the wedding takes place. Or a pending doom will occur on the small city. Unfotunately, with the impeccable timing of modern Cora transported to the parallel world, the same time two soul mates were not supposed to met. With innocence, Cora create a doom that will make Tor hate her even more.

Book 3 is about finding your soul mate and learning how to treasure each moments. Cora the Gracious trying very hard to adjust her new life in a different world while falling in love with her supposed husband Prince Tor. Hate and trust, two words very much abundant in this story. And as usual, KA made her readers’ such an emotional mess. As again, im hooked in beyond until the last page.

Magic is abundant in this series and in Fantastical so much more. Ofcourse action packed moments such as fighting magical creatures is super yey! Then that plot where Tor and Cora was transported in our modern world. Also the introduction of the other twin of the hunk alpha man of Fantasyland, Noctorno. Yep, totally awesome 😀


Oh. And at the end part where Finnie, Circe and Cora finally meet for the first time with their god-handsomely husbands and little cherub babies. So cannot wait for the 4th book! To start now with Fantastical, you may download EPUB copy by clicking the link below.

Fantastical – Kristen Ashley


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