Fantasyland Series: Broken Dove


Here comes the book 4! gosh after reading three books, you might say how can KA beat them all?! But damn, KA never disappoint me. Broken Dove is such an emotional roller coaster. I mean its about a Damsel in distress kind of story where a man stricken with grief about her lost wife, looking to find happiness with her deceased love’s twin. Same face, same voice, same body but different with everything. With the complications of two children and ongoing war with she-god and witches really makes it a not-so-easy love story. I love Apollo, i mean hunk of a man, a loving father, warrior in all aspects, but damn sometimes he’s a jerk. Well, all the alpha hero in this series had been a jerk at some point. So maybe, he is forgivable 🙂

Ilsa is an abused  woman of the modern world, running from his husband which is the Apollo of this world. How could you even see the possible future of two people loved the same person but holds different kind of grief for each of them. Both of them lost someone special and the gamble for taking the joy of being in love was sort of have to think through. Everything did not start okay as in great. You will feel the depression of Ilsa which is later on called Maddie. As well as you’ll understand the hesitation of Apollo  especially when it involves his children.

In addition, I would definitely have to mention the guards and friends of Apollo. Those men who spent time with Maddie and help her find happiness in a short amount of time she was alone in the parallel world. I mean those boys sure are hot and amazing. Super funny and all, so you gotta love them through out the story 😀


More, how would I forget Finnie, Circe, Cora and their extra ordinaire husbands with their cutie patootie babies! Yep, book 4 is a powerhouse!!! Super super love how they were all in one story plot. Those fave characters from book1 to book3 are all present in Broken Dove. That even includes Noc from modern world and Circe the real witch. Ofcourse, the devil doers are also present. Those antagonists combined their mean souls to harm everyone else with their selfish agenda. Yep, book 4 is super duper awesome! Fighting scenes are superb, magics are everywhere and children are all over the place. 😀

So if you wanna know what happens to Minerva and all those evil bitches as well as the happy ending of our lovable pairs, start reading Broken Dove now! You may download EPUB copy by clicking the link below.

Broken Dove – Kristen Ashley




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