Until Series by Aurora Reynolds


Hello MAYSON family!!! yep, hot-smoking men you will definitely fall inlove with. You got Asher, Trevor, Cash and Nico to entertain you with how they got their BOOM with a little bit of action. Falling inlove the first time they met their the ONE as the Mayson curse was called it. Plus with their super fast and strong sperm that  beat all the odds,  I might say. haha. Aurora Reynolds gave us a punch with this series that make all girls swoon on their feet. Alpha men that knows what they want and how to get it. Fastest love pace ever!!!! 😀

This is a four book series and better be read starting from the first book. As the Mayson family grows, every characters interact every now and then until the very last book. Its a kinda fast pace kind of book which still get you attached. I love how the author add mystery and action plot in the stories. Most of all, I super love how tight and family oriented Until series by showing how Mayson fambam support and love each other. Ther heroines, they are lovable. Innocent type of women that needs to be sweep of their feet by hunkable men. Yeah i know typical Cinderella story, but hey the additional twists are fun! and Aurora Reynolds did a superb job on how she writes it. Totally exceptional 🙂

If you will let me pick, I think my fave story is Cash’s. Though everybook is amazing I swear so you may not agree with me. But if you haven’t read anything, better check the story sequence below.


  1. Until November – Asher and November
  2. Until Trevor – Trevor and Liz
  3. Until Lily – Cash and Lily
  4. Until Nico – Nico and Sophie

After Until Series, you better wait for the Underground series which includes Kenton and his dark world friends. Then as well as the anticipated Until Her eeries and Until Him series. Yep, its the beautiful children of Mayson boys!!! Get your hopes up! Imma get another review for that 😀

You may get your EPUB copy now to start reading Until series by clicking the link below.

Until Series – Aurora Reynolds

**credits to the owner of the photos


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