Corps Security Series by Harper Sloan


Ex military, navy, marine and those other bad ass men was really cool to read. I always expect some action shit and mystery in its story. With Corps Security series, its both action and drama. The alpha and machoness is surely evident just with Axel alone. But ofcourse, Greg, Cooper, Beck and Maddox have their own moments 🙂

This series has that reality check ground kind of thing. I mean the story had its own dramas: abused and raped women, unexpeted pregnancy, miscarriage, kidnapped kid, and death. Yeah, its been an emotional rollercoaster while reading these books. Its not always that happy romance feeling. Though the lesson of fighting for your love was really the center of the author, Harper Sloan.

The 1st book, AXEL surely about the long time couple Axel and Izzy who drifted apart due to death and military responsibilities. After 10yrs, meeting each other again in a very not so good moments of Izzy’s life which is running from an abused ex husband. The misplaced hate and miscommunications almost ake it impossible to get back together. But the tenacity and stubborness of Alex sure get his way back to her woman’s life.

The 2nd book is about Greg CAGE who find love with his godson’s doctor. Then the remaining books are about the rest of the Corps Security boys and their women’s drama. Ofcourse don’t exclude the shooting and killing scenes in the series. Also, the additon of the little angels tha will make these baby dadddies hotter than ever 😀

If you wanna start reading some romance in the middle of all the dramas, then please check out the Corps Security series by Harper Sloan. Here is the book sequence:

  1. ALEX
  2. CAGE
  3. UNCAGED (mini-series)
  5. LOCKE

You may get an EPUB copy by clicking the link below.

Corps Security Series – Harper Sloan

**NOTE: pictures are not mine; credits to the owner


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