Grey Wolves Series by Quinn Loft


Another werewolves series interlaced with faes, witches, and gypsies. Magic is everywhere as the Romanian grey wolves pack fight the evil witches in conquering the world. As the Alpha’s son Fane found his mate, Jacque… the Romanian pack is never the same again. Secrets are revealed, mates had been found and history had been exposed.

Quinn Loft is an amazing writer. Grey Wolves is a 8-book series that depicts the status of the Magic Realm. The war between wolves, witches and faes is the main story plot in the series. Finding love in the middle of on-going war is a bonus for these packs. The romance in the story is the typical mate frenzy and all those iresistable feelings. Its so fun how these wolves became possessive and irrational most of the time :

I love the depth of the series. The different characters introduced as well as the magic they each posessed is very interesting. The story flow is very hyped and the author made each character very special. Everybook is not stand alone so you better start from Book 1 to follow the storyline. As the installment goes on, it gets more interesting and before you know it you are looking for the next book. Super 5 out of 5 rating for this series. Quinn Loftis did a very good job on focusing not only on the romance part, but also giving one heck of plot twists that make the readers say, WTF.

grey wolve.png

If you wanna start this werewolf series, you better check the book sequence below.

  1. Prince of Wolves
  2. Blood Rites
  3. Just One Drop
  4. Out of The Dark
  5. Beyond The Veil
  6. Fate and Fury
  7. Sarifice of Love
  8. Luna of Mine

To get the complete EPUB copy of Grey Wolve series, you may click the link below.

Grey Wolves – Quinn Loftis

**NOTE: photos are not mine; credits to the owner


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