Night Prince Series by Jeaniene Frost

I don’t know why I kept on stalling reading this book. Its EPUB copy surely sits on my phone for freakin ever! Andddd finally I read it last last week, and I was like, “why did I read it only now?”. Well this kinda unusual vampire story. I mean direct Dracula personification with Vlad Tepesh kinda surprised me.  Jeaniene Frost  surely provide an exciting piece with this series. Rich history and too many weirdos. hahahaha. 😀


The heroine is a fighter that’s for sure. She got this weird powers after electrified that almost burned her to death. Which is why she only lives due to blood sustenance she gets from her dwarf friend and later on from Vlad. Vlad is like the King of the vampire world. Though he is literally a Prince waaayyyy wayyyy back. Ancient, hotshot vampire with one of the greatest power of all. But also, he always have enemies lurking around ready to kill him.

Vlad Tepesh Dracul is a very hard man. But Leila surely soften this vampire for her. Night Prince series is really good one. Love my action and Jeaniene Frost provide it along with brotherhood, betrayal, love and sexcapades. Gosh, alpha overload just with Vlad and you got a kinda stubborn Leila sure provide entertainment.

The series starts with Leila and Vlad first meeting until they get married and all that. For every book, expect some flesh burning, head ripping and explosions! Oh… and blood, too much blood. But you’ll gonna love it. The scenarios were written perfectly and no book is garbage worthy. 🙂

So far there are 3 books available for this series. The 4th one will be available late this year. The book sequence is listed below.

  1. Once Burned
  2. Twice Tempted
  3. Bound by Flames
  4. Into The Fire – not yet available

To get an EPUB copy of the Night Prince series, you may download files by clicking the link below.

Night Prince Series by Jeaniene Frost




Sparrow by L.J. Shen


That cover book is the bomb! Most romance novel have that hot guy cover, but sometimes thats getting old. Sparrow cover book surely bought me! ❤

Sooooo….As much as I love a good, honorable, alpha hotness… You cant also deny my appreciation of those smexy machoness anti-heroes character. And Troy Brennan is one of them! So happy I found this book which is truly a gem. Thanks LJ Shen for writing the Sparrow.

Sparrow is a stand alone book. Though with its plot, you may think one book is not enough! But LJ Shen did a phenomenal job of laiding out the story. Not too fast, not to slow either. I guess writing it with both main characters’ perspective really gave that direct attack to the storyline.

Sparrow Raynes is a spicy heroine. Not the typical whining and helpless female. Her backbone is something to admire for. Also the supporting characters isnt just a display or like wallflower in the story. Their role and actions really pumped up the whole book. Sparrow did not revolve solely on romance, and you know I love my action. Guns, drugs and deaths are sometimes waaaayyyy cooler than old school romance. 😀

To start reading this thumbs up book, please click the link below for the EPUB copy.

Sparrow by LJ Shen

Bleeding Hearts series: Echo & Stutter


After the success of Fifty Shades, BDSM stories sprung up like mushrooms. There are so many dark romance novel that you can pick out since its been kind of a trend these past years. Though I like Mr. Grey, I’m kinda so not into those weird sex cravings those characters love so much. That’s why Bleeding Hearts series by A. Zavarelli is the only 3rd BDSM book I’ve read, and I’m kinda surprised it was really good. I did not expect that at all.

Soooo.. How should I compare Echo with other dark romance novel out there? Honestly, I really love the plot story. Though from the start, you might think “arghhh its same storyline…”, but once your in the middle of the book, it kinda change how you perceived the story. As the story goes on its more about vengeance against love. Its about family against the one you love. Its very cool how scenarios were written and how the plot twists add thrill to the story. A. Zavarelli really did a pretty good job writing the 1st book, and she outdone herself on the 2nd book as well.

I love how Stutter was written on Ryland and Brighton’s perceptive. Readers learned how the man thinks. He’s not really the usual anti-hero on usual dark romance books, but just a guy who does not know how to cope with his grief. And really the change  in him after realizing what happen by the end of Book1, its super alpha macho hotness. Love, love, Ryland Bennett. ❤ I also like the Brighton actually, not just a pathetic, weak, and cry baby heroine. She’s smart, knows what she is doing and have sense of self preservation. Really looooove their match 🙂

It was a really good series so better start reading them. The book sequence is below.

  1. Echo
  2. Stutter


You may get EPUB copy by clicking link below.

Bleeding Heart Series – A. Zavarelli