Sparrow by L.J. Shen


That cover book is the bomb! Most romance novel have that hot guy cover, but sometimes thats getting old. Sparrow cover book surely bought me! ❤

Sooooo….As much as I love a good, honorable, alpha hotness… You cant also deny my appreciation of those smexy machoness anti-heroes character. And Troy Brennan is one of them! So happy I found this book which is truly a gem. Thanks LJ Shen for writing the Sparrow.

Sparrow is a stand alone book. Though with its plot, you may think one book is not enough! But LJ Shen did a phenomenal job of laiding out the story. Not too fast, not to slow either. I guess writing it with both main characters’ perspective really gave that direct attack to the storyline.

Sparrow Raynes is a spicy heroine. Not the typical whining and helpless female. Her backbone is something to admire for. Also the supporting characters isnt just a display or like wallflower in the story. Their role and actions really pumped up the whole book. Sparrow did not revolve solely on romance, and you know I love my action. Guns, drugs and deaths are sometimes waaaayyyy cooler than old school romance. 😀

To start reading this thumbs up book, please click the link below for the EPUB copy.

Sparrow by LJ Shen


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