Crow’s Row Series by Julie Hockley

This is a very surprising book. I read it when I got fed up with predictable love stories and those mushy couples. I think this is the first anti-hero book I’ve read and totally did not regret it at all. The story was phenomenal, the cover photo was the bomb and the characters are such mind opener for me. I swear you gotta read this book ASAP.


Crow’s Row series is about the life of a criminal. Cameron also called as Crow was the main character in this story and the anti-hero that fell in love with his dead partner’s sister, Emily. As I said this series depicts drugs, death, brotherhood, family and money. All the dirts are coming up and you cant stop yourself to follow every page. You can say the heroine is stupid to follow the wrong path, but hey alpha Cameron is hard to resist xD

So far the series have two books and the both are cliffhangers!!!! Julie Hockley is so unpredictable, that’s why gotta give some love to Crow’s Row. Unfortunately, after 2yrs, 3rd book is still untitled and no idea when it will be released. Because after what happened in Book 2 with the baby in their lives and two men in the picture, damn but i need Book 3!!!

If you really wanna know why I so love this series, please read, read, read Crow’s Row! Seriously unpredictable, front row seat on how criminal mind works, and just gotta love Emily. One of the best heroine I read and thumbs up how she deal being in such dangerous underworld.

You may check the book sequence below and may download the EPUB copy clicking the link.

  1. Crow’s Crow
  2. Scare Crow

Crow’s Crow by Julie Hockley

**Note: The pictures are not mine and the credit is to the owners



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