Underground Kings Series: Assumption, Obligation, & Distraction

If you loved and enjoyed the Maysons, well say hello to the extended family! 😀 Though Kenton is the only real Mayson, while Sven is like the adopted kid, and Kai is well lets say the common friend 🙂 These three books are written by amazing Aurora Reynolds, that brought us Until Series, as well as Until Her and Until Him series. And yep.. I’ll make a review as well for the beautiful stories of the Mayson’s spawns!

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Whats the difference? Well we know from Until series that Kenton is like a PI which we associate more often with Nico Mayson. So the series starts with him finding his BOOM though he fights it at first coz Autumn is a stripper. Then goes the stories of falling in love, heroine as damsell in distress and a lot of gunning and killings. Yep, totally badass!

The 2nd book is about Kai and his childhood love Myla. Now this story is about people on the other side of the law. Mobs and underground dealings wherein he focal point is Myla’s heritage and Kai’s family power. Ofcourse were dealing with the black market so killings and explosions are common norms in Obligation

We all know Sven as the rich kid which is BFF of Asher Mayson. He’s like the adopted son and brother of the Mayson family. Soooo in this 3rd book will be about his background story, his family issues and how a little plus size Maggie rocks his world. As a club owner, drugs had been the issue for Distraction, and how they’ll stop the man who had been the reason for the incidents between the three bad-ass heroes’ women.

There is 4th book coming up and its about the 4th man in their group. The happy-go-lucky sniper, Justin, who is under Kenton. Gosh I cant wait for his story, and how the whole situation became personal to him. I. JUST. CANT. WAIT. ❤


For the book sequence, check the list below:

  1. Assumption – Kenton and Autumn
  2. Obligation – Kai and Myla
  3. Distraction – Sven and Mags

To download the EPUB copy, please click the link below.

Underground Kings by Aurora Reynolds

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The Fae Chronicles Series by Amelia Hutchins


If you are a fantastical / paranormal-romance kind of reader, then this series is just for you! I was like scrolling way through goodreads until I found Fighting Destiny. The book cover really got my attention so I started checking out all those reviews. Well as you guys know, I’m into the magic kind of theme so I give it a shot. And wow, totally not a disappointment!

So the story goes off with the female character, which is a witch who saves the mortal world from the dark evil magical creatures such as Faes, demons, and other weird things. Then here goes the very handsome, alpha machoness Dark Fae prince that sort of an enemy / ally that also had a on/off relationship with our very very kickass and strong heroine. In between the storyline, there comes the BFFs, light faes, bad witches, and the goddess. Totally submerged into a powerful magical world. I sooo sooo love this story especially when the book1 ends, I know i got to hold on to  the following books asap!

This series is action-packed! The heroine is a fighter and I so love her because of that. The romance really did not blossom right away, the sureness of their relationship really came right about the 3rd book when babies are about to pop. haha. Love the demon persona, and all those goddess interference. Gosh the plot twists are everywhere which really changed up everything. Love Amelia Hatchins. Her imagination is incredible. This series is really worth your time and money. 🙂

As of now there are 4 books already, and I’ve been waiting for forever for the 5th book! The hype for the incoming war is soooo exciting and I’m so totally waiting for more stories about those little cherubs! The Fae Chronicle series is hands down one of my favorites. Romance, action, humor, tear-jerking moments…you name it! This is so emotionally packed so you guys better start reading it! To know the book sequence, check the list below.

  1. Fighting Destiny
  2. Taunting Destiny
  3. Escaping Destiny
  4. Seducing Destiny

You may download EPUB copy by clicking this link:

The Fae Chronicles Series by Amelia Hutchins


**Note: Pictures are not mine. Credits to the owner.