Hades Hangmen Series by Tillie Cole


WHAT THE FUDGE DID I JUST READ?!!!!!! This series is offically my favorite MC series. Unexpected characters. One of a kind story lines. Totally alpha-machoness overload. and…. Bucket of tears shed!!! OMG. Where the hell are these books all along? This is the proof there are still gem books I need to read ❤

UNEXPECTED CHARACTERS. One of the main reasons why this series is above all other MC books because of the unusual characters. Yes, there goes the dirty-badass-whoring anti-heroes doing their hellish ways the way biker life should be. Though the heroines in these stories are totally the fuckin opposite; Abused women so innocent of the outside world, tagged as The Cursed coz of their beatifulness that enticed any man who sees. Then there goes the antagonists. You may expect Mafia, another MC and the likes… but say hello to the freakin Pedophiles claiming theirselves as Messiah and all those bullshits about their said religion. Well in my world, i’ll  call them cult or just men sick in the head!

ONE OF A KIND STORYLINES. Honestly, this is the first time I learn about these weird groups other people may called Cult / Witches/ Racists and the likes. This series tackles about the experience of those women under these said religious groups which are actually just bad manipulative people taking advantage of other’s beliefs and innocence. I guess this is what attracted me most in this series. Totally new for me and very informative. Also, dont forget the epic plot twist of Brother Cain. Urghhh!!! Why he have to be the bad guy?!

hades hangmen 2.jpg

TOTALLY ALPHA-MACHONESS OVERLOAD. I know it may sound redundant but I love these men of Hades. I mean they are totally badass and weird as fuck, but they sooooo like the your one man only type of guy. Its so cute how Styx love Salome since he’s 12 when she see her in the forest. Its so nice how Ky fell in love the first time she saw Delilah, and ofcourse my favorite pair Flame and Maddie love each other though both of them are broken. These men are possessive and as protective as usual alpha man is. Ofcourse, sex is also off the charts so you guys wont be disappointed.

BUCKET OF TEARS. As a women, we are anti-abuse. And in this series, the horrors of the heroines in the hands of their cult is totally breaking my heart. The rapes, physical tortures and making them believe the wrong word of God. Those pedophiles die for all I care! Sickos to the bone, forcing themselves on young kids and repeatedly using women for their pleasure. Also, Flame story made me cry so much. Gosh I really love the third book!!!

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Soooooo if you are ready for an interesting story, better start reading Hades Hangmen series. Its not your usual  MC book and I’m so glad Tillie Cole wrote it that way. Super double thumbs up for her! If you dont know where to start, you may check the book sequence below.

  1. It Ain’t Me Babe – Styx and Salome
  2. Heart Recaptured – Ky and Delilah
  3. Souls Unfractured – Flame and Maddie
  4. Deep Redemption – To be released on July 2016

***The 4th book is released today, so I havent read it. Might create another review next time. I just need to blog the 3 books right away since they are still fresh on my mind 😀

If you want an EPUB copy, you may download by clicking the link below.

Hades Henchmen by Tillie Cole