Awakening Pride Series by Lacy Thorn


This is the first time I read werecats series. As I said before, I love wolves and dragons more. Since I am in the mood for shifter series, I tried reading Lacey Thorn’s work. I am surprised how I enjoy the 1st  book, then the 2nd, until I found myself reading Book 8. Yes guys, its already on its 8th book! Take note its not a short arc per book. Though the story progress isn’t as fast as I wish it would be, its still get more and more interesting as the story goes on. If you’re looking for romance, this is definitely for you.

If I’m gonna rate it, i’ll give it 4 out of 5 stars! Why not perfect 5? Well though I adore the insta-love, mating shit goin on between these couples.. There are some part in the series where there is no progress at all regarding the enemies. I mean I love the sexcapades, wooing, and popping babies that’s happening but I feel its lacking of action moments. Though in Book 1 and Book 6, I’m very satisfied with all the actions and shifting, but in some parts… nah mejj a little boring? Its still good if you’re really more into romance thing. Each couple’s stories are different from each other and sure as entertaining as hell. Don’t get me wrong, Awakening Pride is still a very good series worth reading for.

On the bright side, I think this series is not gonna end soon. With how the pace of the story goes, its still too far to conclude the final scenario. Lacey Thorn still got a lot of opportunity to add more plot twists and interesting characters as the story progress. Since I believe Awakening Pride will coincide with the bear and wolf shifters, gosh can’t wait how the story will fold ❤ I’m still not ready to say goodbye to the Pride fambam. 🙂

Sooo if you are ready to engross yourself with the cats family and learn more about them, kindly check the book sequence below:

  1. Waking the Beast – Utah and Abby
  2. Tempting the Tiger – Reno and Amia
  3. Freeing the Feline – Logan and Clara
  4. Saving the Beast – Zane and Diane
  5. A Jaguar’s Touch – Gideon and Vic
  6. The Liger’s Mark – Gabriel and Kenzie
  7. Unleashing the Beast – Finn and Laura
  8. Eyes on the Pride – Calloway and Darby

To download EPUB copy,please click the link —> Awakening Pride by Lacy Thorn

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