HORNET Series by Tonya Burrows

Its been so long since I read a contemporary romance about alpha heroes which are literally the good guys. I think the last time were KA’s Rock Chick and Harper Sloan’s Security Corps. Actually I miss the action and the suspense in each storylines. Andddd gosh sometimes nothing is hotter than ex-military men which are alpha to the bones just damn sexy being stupid and brave at the same time. 😀


This series is another worth a try book. I love how the author focus more on the hostage-rescue situation which is more gunning, stabbing and killing. Yeah, im a freakin blood thirsty! Anyways, its good she bring that adrenaline in you and keep you thinking what will happen next. When you think its over, damn but one more action encounter will surprise you ❤ The plot was written beautifully with more action and lesser sexy time. I don’t know with you guys, but I don’t need a 3 pages vivid detail of sex moment with the main couple! geez, i should’ve just read erotica book then if I will get something like that. Honestly, sometimes I just skip those part if I know i gotta get more than 1 page.

Well… So far this series only have 3 books and gosh I need more!!! I wanna know who will end up with Jean-Luc, Marcus, and Harvard… and please background story of Ian and Jace! I know Jesse will probably in Book4 since its hinted in Book 3. Those boys with a chemistry as tight as loose canon at first will surely tug your heart as well. Love how weird their team are ❤

To start reading, please check the book sequence below. For EPUB copy, kindly click the link —-> HORNET series by Tonya Burrows

  1. Seal of Honor – Gabe and Audrey
  2. Honor Reclaimed – Seth and Phoebe
  3. Broken Honor – Travis and Mara

Dragon Lords of Valdier Series by S. E. Smith

e5a9e6169237b60ab14e430e70c1ddbfHey, hey, hey to my fave shifter kind 🙂 Dragon Lords of Valdier was really a suprising book series. If I base every book with its cover, I probably won’t even check out the review for this book. Sorry but book cover is a crap. Its not enticing enough for a second look. Good thing its about dragons so I check out the reviews. It got high rating so why not give it a try.

It’s not what I expected. They were like some kinds of alien with a gold symbiosis thats like the extension of their self. In shifter stories, we only have two creatures in one body: human and animal. Well in this series, had an unique 3 creatures that blend together. Not really in one body, but needs to coexist together. If one dies, then all of them will perish as well.I think thats what perked up my curiosity, I mean its kinda different from what I read before. And after a day I already found myself reading Book 3! This series is entertaining as fudge. 😀

If you are into a light, funny, paranormal-romance book, Dragon Lords of Valdier series for you. I love how S.E. Smith balanced the emotions in every book and make sure you wont miss out any scene as the story progress. Ofcourse sexcapade are still there with the addition of some action. Well, I guess more action with all the kicking, punching, gunning, flying and fire-breathing! The female characters were the actual humor for the series. I love them since they are mostly not your ordinary damsel in distress. These aliens really got their balls in a pit chasing after them. Its super fun and cute in a way you know. Even with all the crazy mating goin on, the author still give the readers a little punch of everything. The drama, suspense and action are just enough to let you enjoy and make you feel you’re really space travelling 🙂

This series is already on Book 9! And if we will include The Curizan and Sarafin warriors, that’s additional 3 books. And I know just like me, you won’t help yourself with some short stories about the little dragonlings of the growing Reykill family! Gosh they’re such a cuties you know. And since these dragons and warriors breed like there’s no tomorrow, just imagine those little cherubs with their parents’ temper and attitude. ❤

Please take note that you have to read Curizan and Sarafin series as well since they are kinda interconnected with the Valdier series. To guide you, please check out the book sequence below.

Dragon Lord of Valdier Series:

  • Abducting Abby – Zoran and Abby
  • Capturing Cara – Trelon and Cara
  • Tracking Trisha – Kelan and Trisha
  • Ambushing Ariel – Mandra and Ariel
  • Cornering Carmen – Creon and Carmen
  • Choosing Riley – Vox and Riley
  • Paul’s Pursuit – Paul and Morian
  • Ha’ven’s Song – Ha’ven and Emma
  • Viper’s Defiant Mate – Viper and Tina
  • A Dragonling’s Easter  (short story)
  • Twin Dragons – Calo and Cree and Melina
  • A Dragonling’s Haunted Halloween (short story)
  • A Dragonling’s Magical Christmas (short story)
  • Jaguin’s Love – Jaguin and Sara
  • The Old Dragon of the Mountain’s Christmas – Christoff and Edna

For EPUB copy, please click link below.

Dragon Lords of Valdier Series – SE Smith