This Can’t Be Happening Series by


YES. THE DOUCHE AWARD GOES TO LAN,  TONY, and ADAMA. Guys are such a jerk most of the times. Gaaahhhhddd this series!!! Every chapter I wanna punch the bastard heroes! And the heroines, I don’t understand how they can be mad, hurt and cursing these men one minute then fucking and forgiving them the next. I don’t know if the author rush the reconciliation part or I just felt that way. Guess I just wish there are more begging moments you know. As a woman, seriously these men deserves that.

But if you think in a more unbiased point of view, Book 2 and Book 3 kinda have a more complicated story. I mean you’ll get Tony’s cold gestures because it is indeed Trish’s fault but every action he did after 2 years was totally unacceptable. And gosh Trish, how can she be so pathetic? seriously. She’s as fierce as a friend but totally a loser when it comes up to Tony. How I wish she stand up to Tony’s hateful words and actions.

Even though its like that I still read the book coz I’m a suck up for drama. hahaha. Maybe I cried a little coz you know we ladies stick together. Lol. xD Anyways I think my fave is Book 3. Adam and Mia’s story is really good; both of them are fault in some way I guess. It was well written and kinda hook me up in a way. 1st book is still good but I just felt the story was kinda rush. Its just good to know that Lynda LeeAnne improved significantly after Lexi, Baby. And I can’t wait for the remaining books to be published 🙂

For the book sequence and EPUB download, please check the list and link below.

  1. Lexi, Baby – Lexi & Lan
  2. Trish, Just Trish – Trish & Tony
  3. Adam, Enough Said – Mia & Adam




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