KC Lynn: Men of Honor & Acts of Honor Series

honor-is-simply-the-morality-of-superior-men-quote-1If you love military men who are oozing with confidence, machoness and alpha tendencies, this series is for you. Men of Honor started of with three Navy seals who are honorably discharged after surviving torture and captivity in Iraq. Then Acts of Honor series are men whose honors were questioned due to some circumstances. All of these guys will prove how they are considered heroes in the eyes of their respective  loved ones.

Sooo if you are familiar with KA, ARR and the likes, you ‘ll probably know how the story goes for these sexy bad-ass men. Though with KC Lynn, the men are the stupid ones I swear. Maybe because they are emotionally damage in some way, they are kinda hard-to-get type of guy. It would take really some dumb decisions and life-threatening moments to get their grip together and grab that woman’s love in front of them. Seriously, there are moments I just have to sigh due to these men’s stupidity. HAHA. 😀

Though its kinda  a ‘rescue-the-damsel-in-distress’ story, I still love it. It got me with the humor, action, and that one-woman man kind of principle. The heroines are good enough. Yes, they are not perfect coz they are such crybabies! Tho they got spunk sometimes and of course put their men in line. I think my fave girl character is the BFF of all BFF, Kayla. She’s funny as hell but watch out she’ll kill for her friends 🙂

Take note, you have to read Men of Honor Series coz they are the father of all alphas in these family built in brotherhood. I really love how protective and honorable they are. Oh totally heroes in a bad-ass way. 🙂 The Acts of Honor Series are like the continuation of the 1st series. These men are like the second honorable men, but I swear they are alpha in their own way! Smexiness and all that. Just read the damn books to understand what Im saying. xD

Over all, I totally recommend these books for readers who love happy endings. The epilogues are the best as well so you’ll feel really satisfied after. 🙂 To start over, kindly check the book sequence below.

  • Men Of Honor Series
    • Fighting Temptation – Jaxson & Julia
    • Sweet Temptation – Sawyer & Grace
    • Resisting Temptation – Cade & Faith
    • Final Temptation -Cooper & Kayla
  • Acts of Honor Series
    • An Act of Redemption – Landon & Anna
    • An Act of Salvation – Nick & Katelyn
    • An Act of Obsession – Sophie & Kolan
    • An Act of Courage – Christopher & Alissa

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Men of Honor Series by KC Lynn

Acts of Honor Series by KC Lynn

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