Highland Warriors by Lily Blackwood

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One word to describe the whole series. The story starts with the betrayal on Clan Kincaid, follows by the killing of it’s Laird, Lady and other loyal men. The three young boys who bears the mark of  true Kincaid sons split up with their guard and lost forever in the wild under different identity.  After 17 years, one-by-one, all sons returned to their rightful home and avenged the atrocity done on that dark night.

I like this series really (tho I hope Book 3 comes out soon!). It’s been a while since I read good Highlander story and I am impressed with the way Lily Blackwood writes it.  The way how the brothers claim their land, the mystery of what happened 17 yrs ago, and all of the involved characters make the series very interesting. Even if its the love-at-first sight type of romance, thank goodness the sex is not over-the-top too much. Tho I expect more blood, gore and death. I’m kinda disappointed there’s not much fight for a blood thirsty type of story plot.

Now, after Book 2, I can’t freakin wait for the 3rd brother to arrive! I wonder where he is and how he will came to Clan Kincaid. Also, I wonder who is the lady that will capture his heart. I want all 3 brothers to get their happy ending soon 🙂

To check out the book sequence, refer to details below. You may also download the EPUB copy below.

HIGHLAND WARRIOR Series by Lily Blackwood

  1. The Beast of Clan Kincaid – Niall and  Elspeth
  2. The Rebel of Clan KIncaid – Magnus/Faelan and Tara
  3. The Warrior of Clan Kincaid – Cullen and Territh



RUIN by Samantha Towle



This is the first time I read a Samantha Towle book. I know I should read The Storm Series first, but I’m just not in the mood to open that one yet. Maybe one of these days…..

So  I started with this one-shot book, RUIN, and I fuckin enjoy it! It just has the right amount of drama, sex and machoness to keep myself on reading til the last page. Plus, Samantha Towle‘s writing style is a 5-star! It’s been a while since I read a fast-pace story. The way she tells the story is direct, concise and still with so much feelings. Also I love how she use both main character’s POV for this.

RUIN actually sells me because of the second chance love story plot with secret baby on the side. I adore little cherubs! It always make the story light and cute. Especially when you imagine how an alpha man is so gentle with a little kid. Gigi girl is so adorable with her imperfect words! Plus Zeus is a total caveman hot and loving and just…. who doesn’t want someone like him tho? And don’t start with Cam! That girl is strong and sassy and she deserves all the love in the world. Love their story really. ❤

So if you want a quick read, cmon and grab a copy of RUIN by Samantha Towle. You may download the EPUB copy below.

RUIN – Samantha Towle


The Bad Guy by Celia Aaron

bad guy

It’s been a while since I read a dark romance that doesn’t makes me cringe or roll my eyes. LOL. But seriously, it’s either too dark, too much sex or repetition of other known anti-hero story plot. I am so glad I found this book since I am not aware of the author and surprise its one shot story! If you notice, I always go for a series since I usually fall in love with the supporting casts. Anyways, let me tell you why I enjoy this book!

Honestly, Sebastian Lindstorm reminds me of  Remington Tate (REAL – Katy Evans) with how intense they are. The difference is –  Sebastian is Psychopath while Tate is Bipolar. Both have inborn mental/emotional illness that makes them who they are now.  And a love-at-first-sight with they’re the ONE, changes everything in their lives. n intense alpha male who will do anything to keep their female whether it is right or wrong.

Celia Aaron successfully portrays the hero in a way I sympathize with him even tho I know what he’s doing is wrong. Seriously, kidnapping an in-a-relationship woman to let her love you so you can be together forever is kinda whack. (Well duh he is a Psycho!) Anyways, I think it also helps that the heroine is sort-of -into dark knights. I mean she secretly likes bad guys so being with Sebastian kinda makes sense and we thinks they are perfect with each other.

I love this book seriously! For a dark-romance kind of read, this is actually lighter than usual. No heavy drama and just enough sex to make the story interesting. Plus, the author just did a great job with the story flow and I really like that 🙂

For a quick read, please read The Bad Guy by Celia Aaron with the EPUB download below.

The Bad Guy – Celia Aaron