Damon’s Mountain Collection Series – TS Joyce

If you feel like reading a short insta-love shifter romance, T.S. Joyce is the one for you! At first I thought it is pure werebears only, then as the series goes on, we got falcons, boars, gorillas and dragon! Yes, dragons! Plus it is not so bad after Book1. Actually it gets more intense and complicated.

I adore the Saw Bears and Gray Back Bears Crew.  Most of them are damaged and broken men who found their peace with sassy and kind women. The growing family of these lumberjacks is what keeps me reading. From banning potential mates to popping babies every now and then, these bad boys sure change for the good. 🙂

There are more Shifter Crews introduced by TS Joyce,  but these are the only two series I read. To check them out, please refer to EPUB link and book sequence below.

  1. Lumberjack Werebear – Tajan & Brooke
  2. Woodcutter Werebear – Kellen & Skyler
  3. Timberman Werebear – Denison & Danielle
  4. Sawman Werebear – Brighton & Everly
  5. Woodsman werebear – Drew & Riley
  6. Lumberman Werebear – Haydan & Cassie
  1. Bad Bear – Matt & Willa
  2. Alpha Bear – Creed & Gia
  3. Ghost Bear – Jason & Georgia
  4. Broken Bear – Easton & Aviana
  5. Last Immortal Dragon – Damon & Clara



Death Chasers MC Series – CM Owens



I need Book4, then Book 5 and the rest of the damn books! This series makes me all tingly and giggly all at the same time. I love the drama, action and mystery. The sex are just enough that makes you hot and understands the couple more. It’s been so long since I read a good series that makes me want more. Recently, I always stop midway reading a book and just completely forget about it. I am just happy I found CM Owen’s work and fuckin did not disappoint. 🙂

Obviously Death Chasers is all about the Motorcycle Club business; The bro code, couple with drugs, death, and trust issues. Then here comes the damsel-in-distress  knocking the most alpha guy and changes everything up. The club gets more complicated and war broke out. Possessiveness and protectiveness notched up the roof until the macho hero blew up and our heroine just can’t help but fall in love even more.

I like the first 2 books. Drex and Eve are just perfect together. Then Axle and Maya is more fuckin perfect together! Adding mafia family into a chaotic MC conflict just makes the series more exciting! And don’t even start with Sarah or fuckin AJ who is an assassin who fell in love with Snake but lied about her past. Now more players are involved, Feds, psycho uncle, traitorous brother and a high-profile father. People are dying left and right and I can’t be happier! Plus add up the hiding sister with a happy-trigger secret lover. Oh my I missed Rush already!

If you enjoy not so dark romance with action and humor and smut scenes, I bet you’ll enjoy this series. I will not stray you with a good book! To check out the book sequence read the details below. You may also download the EPUB copy down low.

Death Chaser MC by CM Owens

  1. Property of Drex: Part I
  2. Property of Drex: Part II
  3. Axle’s Brand