Dark Protector Series by Rebecca Zanetti


Oh my. What did I just read? Hot vampires on a hunt!!!!! And stubborn independent women on the loose!!! The century of peace is over and everybody wants the little human girl, Janie. Vampires, Kurjans, Shifters, Demons and Witches are all fighting each other and death is all over the Realm. An action packed series with lots of romance and brotherhood. ❤

So there are 5 brothers who are the ruling family of Vampire Realm; Dage as the King, Talen as strategist, Conn as the ultimate soldier,  Kane who is the scientist while Jase is the charmer. The Kayrs family started the domino effect when Talen mated Cara that includes Janie, who is the prophecy child. To protect the little girl, they must fight the Kurjans and Demons and declare a war.


This series has everything I love about books. Alpha men, romance, action, humor and never ending magic. Totally my cup of tea! Then we got babies as the story goes along so I know I’m never gonna drop this series! Every characters are endearing and you’ll seriously love the Kayrs family as well as the allies they have. Gosh don’t start me with the feline and canine shifters! Plus the prophets and all the characters that you’ll never forget. If you ask me whats the best book? I’ll straight up say Janie and Zane’s story. I mean we knew them since Book 1 and after 21 years we finally got them together!!! Plus the prophecy we don’t know about will be revealed by the end of the chapter. Then those goodbyes by the latter part of the book will seriously makes you cry.  I just love the Kayrs family ❤

Soooo if you have extra time or on long vacation, read Dark Protector series to entertain yourselves. To check out the book sequence, see below. Also, you may download EPUB copy  with link below.

Dark Protector Series by Rebecca Zanetti

  1. Fated – Talen and Cara
  2. Claimed – Dage and Emma
  3. Tempted – Max and Sarah
  4. Hunted – Conn and Moira
  5. Consumed – Jordan and Katie
  6. Provoked – Kane and Amber
  7. Twisted – Terrent and Maggie
  8. Shadowed – Jase and Brenna
  9. Tamed – Caleb and Lily
  10. Marked – Zane and Janie
  11. Teased – Chalton and Olivia
  12. Tricked – Jared and Ronni
  13. Tangled – Theo and Ginny
  14. Talen – Talen and Cara
  15. Vampire’s Faith – Ronan and Faith
  16. Demon’s Mercy – Logan and Mercy