Wait For It by Mariana Zapata


This is what I need after an intense series! Gosh Mariana Zapata never fails to deliver sweet and good contemporary romance. I love how she builds the plot and its characters. The pacing is not fast and slow enough to let you think, this story is closer to realness.

Wait For It is not your bam whack insta-love shit. It revolves with Diana Casillas – a woman that becomes an instant mother of her two young nephews. This is how she and her little family starts anew after a death that changed their lives forever. Until she saves her neighbor’s brother and everything kinda move for the better. A new soccer team, a pushy 90 year old grandmother, a biker acquaintance with dose of bitch soccer mom and seriously a very hot neighbor. I mean this book is seriously entertaining with lots of humor and drama. Plus give me Louie Goo and Joshy Poo anytime of the day! Those two little hellions are so adorable I can understand how Diana love them to death. โค

If you are looking for a romance with a touch of humor, sadness, alphaness and lots of sweetness – this book is for you! I swear you gotta love every characters you read! To download EPUB copy, you may check out the link below ๐Ÿ™‚

WAIT FOR IT by Mariana Zapata


The Return of the Highlanders by Margaret Mallory


This is a story of 4 boys that turned into strong warriors that will save their clan from the enemies. Ian, Alex, Duncan and Connor are all honorable men that came back from France after they learned the death of their McDonald chieftain. With Connor as the rightful heir, they need to get back the keep from his traitorous uncle, Hugh Dubh. Amidst this war, they will find their Scottish brides along with the help they needed.

First time to read Margaret Mallory books, and I am glad she did not disappoint. I love the story plot and its pacing. The POV for each characters also help in building excitement. The romance, fights and drama are all on point! This series is worth reading for long weekend. If you are looking forย  sexy alpha men that lifts their caliber every now and then, these Highlanders is more than enough for you. Plus their love story with these strong-willed women is entertaning and heart warming. ๐Ÿ™‚

Soooo better pick that 1st book and start reading The Return of Highlanders. Go get yourself an EPUB copy in link below before the book sequence list.

The Return of Highlanders

  1. The Guardian – Ian and Sileas
  2. The Sinner – Alex and Glynis
  3. The Warrior – Duncan and Moira
  4. The Chieftain – Connor and Ilysa