Elder Races by Thea Harrison





Dragon Bound will always be my all time favorite shifter romance. Dragon and Pia would always be my fave couple as well. The Elder Races universe is fuckin amazing as well I am super entertained. After I read Planet Dragos, that’s when it hit me, my fave shifter family is finally saying goodbye. I’m gonna miss you Cuelebre Fambam!!!!!


So obviously from the first book, this is all about The Great Beast. The one and only dragon alive falling in love with the half human-half unicorn, Pia. Yes, you heard it right a goddamn UNICORN! Sorry that was a spoiler but I can’t contain it. Both are from ancient times and one of a kind. So imagine their differences in both personality and characteristics; to Dragos raw strength and power while Pia with her gentleness and speed. From physical looks down to the food they it, they are totally opposite. Despite that, they are so perfect for each other..  🙂


The series is called Elder Races. A diverse universe about Wyr, Elves, and Faes. The succeeding stories are about how each Cuelebre Sentinels found their mates and chose different paths. Additional stories also include other people that will affect the family one way or another. I adore them all ofcourse. They are part of the journey. Because every event in this series are correlated to one another. So you better read them by sequence.

To download the EPUB copies, check the link above the book sequence list.

ELDER RACES by Thea Harrison

  1. Dragon Bound – Dragos & Pia
  2. Storm’s Heart – Tiago & Tricks
  3. Serpent’s Kiss – Rune & Carling
    • True Colors – Gideon & Alice
  4. Oracle’s Moon – Khalil & Grace
    • Natural Evil – Luis & Claudia
    • Devil’s Gate – Duncan & Saramela
    • Hunter’s Season – Xanthe & Aubrey
  5. Lord’s Fall – Dragos & Pia
    • Sebastian & Olivia
  6. Kinked – Quentin & Aryal
    • Dragos Takes a Holiday
    • Pia Saves The Day
    • Peanut Goes To School
  7. Night’s Honor – Xavier & Tess
  8. Midnight Kiss – Julian & Melly
    • Dragos Goes to Washington
    • Pia Does Hollywood
  9. Shadow’s End – Graydon & Beluviel
    • Liam Takes Manhattan
    • The Chosen – Wulfgar & Lily
    • Planet Dragos

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