New Species by Laurann Dohner



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New Species are the group of people that were experimented and abused over the years. Due to their overall difference in physical appearance and character, they were isolated in supposed to be Army based. They called it Homeland, and more places will be built for other new species found. First story is about Fury  – yes their names are all based on their character or looks. I love his and Ellie’s story the most. 2nd faves would be Slade and Valiant. Justice is also there, but after that book, I am kinda disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, they are still good story wise, I just hate that there is so much sex scenes. Like for every chapter! I mean, I want sci-fi genre, not erotica! It’s not just tolerable anymore. I really have to skip multiple sex scenes like WTF! HAHAHA. Maybe it is a disadvantage to read it continuously. I don’t know about you guys, but thats it for me 🙂

I still love the story plot. It’s like semi shifter series with touch of sci-fi. The whole alpha macho heroes and mating tendencies truly appeased my love for HEA. Every couple’s situations are entertaining. There is humor, drama and ofcourse holy damn action!!!! If you are in my page, for sure you’ll enjoy this as well 🙂

For the book sequence and EPUB download, check out below.

NEW SPECIES by Laurann Dohner

  1. Fury
  2. Slade
  3. Valiant
  4. Justice
  5. Brawn
  6. Wrath
  7. Tiger
  8. Obsidian
  9. Shadow
  10. Moon
  11. True
  12. Darkness
  13. Smiley
  14. Numbers

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