Elder Races by Thea Harrison





Dragon Bound will always be my all time favorite shifter romance. Dragon and Pia would always be my fave couple as well. The Elder Races universe is fuckin amazing as well I am super entertained. After I read Planet Dragos, that’s when it hit me, my fave shifter family is finally saying goodbye. I’m gonna miss you Cuelebre Fambam!!!!!


So obviously from the first book, this is all about The Great Beast. The one and only dragon alive falling in love with the half human-half unicorn, Pia. Yes, you heard it right a goddamn UNICORN! Sorry that was a spoiler but I can’t contain it. Both are from ancient times and one of a kind. So imagine their differences in both personality and characteristics; to Dragos raw strength and power while Pia with her gentleness and speed. From physical looks down to the food they it, they are totally opposite. Despite that, they are so perfect for each other..  🙂


The series is called Elder Races. A diverse universe about Wyr, Elves, and Faes. The succeeding stories are about how each Cuelebre Sentinels found their mates and chose different paths. Additional stories also include other people that will affect the family one way or another. I adore them all ofcourse. They are part of the journey. Because every event in this series are correlated to one another. So you better read them by sequence.

To download the EPUB copies, check the link above the book sequence list.

ELDER RACES by Thea Harrison

  1. Dragon Bound – Dragos & Pia
  2. Storm’s Heart – Tiago & Tricks
  3. Serpent’s Kiss – Rune & Carling
    • True Colors – Gideon & Alice
  4. Oracle’s Moon – Khalil & Grace
    • Natural Evil – Luis & Claudia
    • Devil’s Gate – Duncan & Saramela
    • Hunter’s Season – Xanthe & Aubrey
  5. Lord’s Fall – Dragos & Pia
    • Sebastian & Olivia
  6. Kinked – Quentin & Aryal
    • Dragos Takes a Holiday
    • Pia Saves The Day
    • Peanut Goes To School
  7. Night’s Honor – Xavier & Tess
  8. Midnight Kiss – Julian & Melly
    • Dragos Goes to Washington
    • Pia Does Hollywood
  9. Shadow’s End – Graydon & Beluviel
    • Liam Takes Manhattan
    • The Chosen – Wulfgar & Lily
    • Planet Dragos

Dark Protector by Celia Aaron


In all fairness with Celia Aaron, her book covers are goddamn HOT! And I love her one shots esp  THE BAD GUY. You better check that out as well once you’re done with Dark Protector 🙂

Conrad Mercer is an anti-hero in every sense. Born to be a killer and had long list of blood under his belt. As an assassin for hire, he welcome death like breathing air. Everything changed when he met Charlie, a florist in his little town. Due to his obsession with her, now she is in danger. He’ll do everything and kill anyone who intends to harm her. A story how love changes everything even a man who doesn’t have any soul.

I love the couple in this story. Con is a badass alpha male but has a soft spot for his woman. He is fiercely loyal, protective and a very good friend. Charlie, as a victim of abuse is a strong and cool character. She is not a damsel in distress type of heroine and I love her for it. They are perfect for each other and I am glad they made it til the end. 🙂 Worth to mention is my fave side character Nate. He is fuckin funny and I wish he’ll have his own story soon. ❤

If you are into action romance with a little bit of sexiness, you better download the EPUB copy below and start reading Dark Protector by Celia Aaron.



Callaghan Brothers by Abbie Zanders



Okay its not the best military romance I read. Maybe because there are little suspense in the story; 3 out of 7 books. It is more of how heroines play hard-to-get and Callaghan boys court them like forever. I just expect more explosions I guess, and I am disappointed it has more internal dialog than action. Still, it is enjoyable tho.

What I like about this series is every book is different. The story plot is totally unique for each couples so the feelings are also refreshing. I just hope the author emphasize more how special the Callaghan family are. They were given limited circumstances where they can show their strength. Maybe aside from Ian, Michael and Shane. Anyways I was still entertained and made it til 7th book! I love the most are the babies popping every book. haha. I wish they have more exposure. lol.

Oh and this is all about Croie. The concept is to find your soulmate and insta-love story. 🙂

Sooo if you are stuck at home in a long weekend, check out Abbie Zander’s books below. You may also download EPUB copy thru the link.


  1. Dangerous Secrets – Jake & Taryn
  2. First and Only – Ian & Lexi
  3. House Calls – Michael & Maggie
  4. Seeking Vengeance – Sean & Nicki
  5. Guardian Angel – Kane & Rebecca
  6. Beyond Affection – Shane & Lacie
  7. Having Faith – Keiran & Faith

Stage Dive Series by Kylie Scott

Stage Dive.jpg

Its been a while since I read a contemporary romance about rockstars. They usually all about cheating, alcohol and drugs. Tho DIVE series sort of has them, its more of in the past setting. So I am kinda surprised that the main male characters are straight up loyal and nice men. I mean ofcourse the alpha tendencies are there but they are unique individuals; totally different to each other.

So I adore the band. My fave is Malcolm but I also dig Jimmy. I love that their stories are under different circumstances. At first I am worried since book 1 is all about insta-fall-in-love story. I’m just glad that is not the case for the rest of the crew. Yeah that instant like is there, but their’s are kind of slow burn romance. ❤

If you want to be entertained, you gotta love STAGE DIVE series. Amazing characterization with a dose of humor and drama. Its not too short ans not too long either. Perfect for a week long read 🙂 Check out the book sequence below together with EPUB download.

STAGE DIVE Series by Kylie Scott

  1. Lick – Evelyn & David
  2. Play – Anne & Mal
  3. Lead – Lena & Jimmy
  4. Deep – Liz & Ben



Dark In You Series – Suzanne Wright

I love Suzanne Wright! I already read her series about Werewolves and Vampires, so its no surprise she have Demons!!! As always, she did not disappoint. Burn is freakin amazing!


HELL. OF. FIRE. Everybody is afraid of Knox Thorne. A powerful Prime that allegedly can call the flames of hell anytime. Bored and aloof, everybody are surprised he found his anchor and mate within the Wallis family. Harper Wallis, tho a sphinx, is an Imp thru and thru. Aside from being looked down due to her family background, she also don’t have wings that makes her weak. However, nobody expect her to be a brave, strong and powerful woman that snatch Knox’s demon right from the start.

I love these Las Vegas couple! They are one of my faves out-of-all the stories I read. Both are headstrong, powerful and alpha in their own right. They compliment each other so much, and the author writes their character very well. So its no surprising that their baby is also one of a kind. Awww I super adore Asher, and I hope we can have another book about the young Thorne. ❤

Aside from the instant attraction romance, the suspense, mystery and action also appealed to me. I love it when I got to think and guess who the real villains are. Plus, I enjoy the plot whenever the author reveal the villain and stuff. Tho the only downside for me is, after book 3, it feels like the plot is kinda repetitive. Or maybe its how the author introduce again and again the characters. You have that deja vu feeling like, “fuck did I read this paragraph before?’. Seriously, I kinda skip that part when I’m reading.

Overall, its pretty entertaining. Different type of demons were introduced; tho I hope side characters were given some development. Especially the Sentinels and Harper’s BFF. Anyways, I enjoyed it regardless of some issue. I love the Thorne family and I hope there is Book 5! ❤

To download EPUB copy, check out the link below.


  1. Burn
  2. Blaze
  3. Ashes
  4. Embers

Dark Protector Series by Rebecca Zanetti


Oh my. What did I just read? Hot vampires on a hunt!!!!! And stubborn independent women on the loose!!! The century of peace is over and everybody wants the little human girl, Janie. Vampires, Kurjans, Shifters, Demons and Witches are all fighting each other and death is all over the Realm. An action packed series with lots of romance and brotherhood. ❤

So there are 5 brothers who are the ruling family of Vampire Realm; Dage as the King, Talen as strategist, Conn as the ultimate soldier,  Kane who is the scientist while Jase is the charmer. The Kayrs family started the domino effect when Talen mated Cara that includes Janie, who is the prophecy child. To protect the little girl, they must fight the Kurjans and Demons and declare a war.


This series has everything I love about books. Alpha men, romance, action, humor and never ending magic. Totally my cup of tea! Then we got babies as the story goes along so I know I’m never gonna drop this series! Every characters are endearing and you’ll seriously love the Kayrs family as well as the allies they have. Gosh don’t start me with the feline and canine shifters! Plus the prophets and all the characters that you’ll never forget. If you ask me whats the best book? I’ll straight up say Janie and Zane’s story. I mean we knew them since Book 1 and after 21 years we finally got them together!!! Plus the prophecy we don’t know about will be revealed by the end of the chapter. Then those goodbyes by the latter part of the book will seriously makes you cry.  I just love the Kayrs family ❤

Soooo if you have extra time or on long vacation, read Dark Protector series to entertain yourselves. To check out the book sequence, see below. Also, you may download EPUB copy  with link below.

Dark Protector Series by Rebecca Zanetti

  1. Fated – Talen and Cara
  2. Claimed – Dage and Emma
  3. Tempted – Max and Sarah
  4. Hunted – Conn and Moira
  5. Consumed – Jordan and Katie
  6. Provoked – Kane and Amber
  7. Twisted – Terrent and Maggie
  8. Shadowed – Jase and Brenna
  9. Tamed – Caleb and Lily
  10. Marked – Zane and Janie
  11. Teased – Chalton and Olivia
  12. Tricked – Jared and Ronni
  13. Tangled – Theo and Ginny
  14. Talen – Talen and Cara
  15. Vampire’s Faith – Ronan and Faith
  16. Demon’s Mercy – Logan and Mercy

The Bad Guy by Celia Aaron

bad guy

It’s been a while since I read a dark romance that doesn’t makes me cringe or roll my eyes. LOL. But seriously, it’s either too dark, too much sex or repetition of other known anti-hero story plot. I am so glad I found this book since I am not aware of the author and surprise its one shot story! If you notice, I always go for a series since I usually fall in love with the supporting casts. Anyways, let me tell you why I enjoy this book!

Honestly, Sebastian Lindstorm reminds me of  Remington Tate (REAL – Katy Evans) with how intense they are. The difference is –  Sebastian is Psychopath while Tate is Bipolar. Both have inborn mental/emotional illness that makes them who they are now.  And a love-at-first-sight with they’re the ONE, changes everything in their lives. n intense alpha male who will do anything to keep their female whether it is right or wrong.

Celia Aaron successfully portrays the hero in a way I sympathize with him even tho I know what he’s doing is wrong. Seriously, kidnapping an in-a-relationship woman to let her love you so you can be together forever is kinda whack. (Well duh he is a Psycho!) Anyways, I think it also helps that the heroine is sort-of -into dark knights. I mean she secretly likes bad guys so being with Sebastian kinda makes sense and we thinks they are perfect with each other.

I love this book seriously! For a dark-romance kind of read, this is actually lighter than usual. No heavy drama and just enough sex to make the story interesting. Plus, the author just did a great job with the story flow and I really like that 🙂

For a quick read, please read The Bad Guy by Celia Aaron with the EPUB download below.

The Bad Guy – Celia Aaron