Dark Protector by Celia Aaron


In all fairness with Celia Aaron, her book covers are goddamn HOT! And I love her one shots esp  THE BAD GUY. You better check that out as well once you’re done with Dark Protector 🙂

Conrad Mercer is an anti-hero in every sense. Born to be a killer and had long list of blood under his belt. As an assassin for hire, he welcome death like breathing air. Everything changed when he met Charlie, a florist in his little town. Due to his obsession with her, now she is in danger. He’ll do everything and kill anyone who intends to harm her. A story how love changes everything even a man who doesn’t have any soul.

I love the couple in this story. Con is a badass alpha male but has a soft spot for his woman. He is fiercely loyal, protective and a very good friend. Charlie, as a victim of abuse is a strong and cool character. She is not a damsel in distress type of heroine and I love her for it. They are perfect for each other and I am glad they made it til the end. 🙂 Worth to mention is my fave side character Nate. He is fuckin funny and I wish he’ll have his own story soon. ❤

If you are into action romance with a little bit of sexiness, you better download the EPUB copy below and start reading Dark Protector by Celia Aaron.



The Bad Guy by Celia Aaron

bad guy

It’s been a while since I read a dark romance that doesn’t makes me cringe or roll my eyes. LOL. But seriously, it’s either too dark, too much sex or repetition of other known anti-hero story plot. I am so glad I found this book since I am not aware of the author and surprise its one shot story! If you notice, I always go for a series since I usually fall in love with the supporting casts. Anyways, let me tell you why I enjoy this book!

Honestly, Sebastian Lindstorm reminds me of  Remington Tate (REAL – Katy Evans) with how intense they are. The difference is –  Sebastian is Psychopath while Tate is Bipolar. Both have inborn mental/emotional illness that makes them who they are now.  And a love-at-first-sight with they’re the ONE, changes everything in their lives. n intense alpha male who will do anything to keep their female whether it is right or wrong.

Celia Aaron successfully portrays the hero in a way I sympathize with him even tho I know what he’s doing is wrong. Seriously, kidnapping an in-a-relationship woman to let her love you so you can be together forever is kinda whack. (Well duh he is a Psycho!) Anyways, I think it also helps that the heroine is sort-of -into dark knights. I mean she secretly likes bad guys so being with Sebastian kinda makes sense and we thinks they are perfect with each other.

I love this book seriously! For a dark-romance kind of read, this is actually lighter than usual. No heavy drama and just enough sex to make the story interesting. Plus, the author just did a great job with the story flow and I really like that 🙂

For a quick read, please read The Bad Guy by Celia Aaron with the EPUB download below.

The Bad Guy – Celia Aaron



Boston Underworld Series by A. Zavarelli

This is about Irish mob with a little Italian mafia feels. The typical underground syndicate with lots of fighting, illegal money and alpha-ness. It was the usual day in criminal world when suddenly a half Irish born woman fights in a ring and knocked out a big mobster. Caught the eye of Lachlan Crow, the underboss; then there goes the seductions, hot sex, and lies. The plan of looking for BFF turned out into being the underboss’ woman and getting pregnant with his baby. With all the killings and kidnappings, love undeniably blossomed between the main couples. I love how A. Zavarelli wrote her stories with conflicting emotions. Provide depth for the characters 🙂


For Book 2 to 4, its kinda same pattern. Heroine in need of saving and here comes this hot smexy alpha machoness to save her broken soul. The background stories of these females were really something serious and I kinda understand how they turned out the way they are. Damaged and abused emotionally and physically, yet they found that special someone to depend on after everything. I’m kinda happy for them especially they were given a chance to create a family with the babies coming up. 🙂

Boston Underworld series is really entertaining. I love the action and everyting about the Mafia / Mobster world. You know what I mean, killings and all that war for power. Nonetheless, its still one of the best 🙂 Love the story pacing as well as the characters. Especially it is a HEA, and its my always my favorite whenever little cherubs are born into the story. Totally cute! ❤

Check out the book sequence below to start reading the series. You may also download the EPUB copy by clicking the link.

  1. Crow – Lachlan & Mack
  2. Reaper – Ronan & Sasha
  3. Ghost – Alexei & Talia
  4. Saint – Rory & Scarlett

Boston Underworld Series – A. Zavarelli


Crime Lord Series by Mia Knight

las vegas3


I think I have a new fave author. ❤

I have read a lot of anti-heroes series and this had the feels of A. Zeverelli’s Bleeding Heart’s Series. Especially in the 2nd book where we read the male character’s POV. But since the authors way of of writing are not the same , you can definitely differentiate the two series. What I love more about Mia Knight is that she focused more on emotions and traits of each characters. It’s not like over the top too much thinking from heroine when it feels like redundant everytime she talks about her feelings. I really really like the way the author portray the characters and how she attacks the storyline. She knows when to take it up a notch and when will feel like everything is mild.

This is the story of Layla Dalton who fell in love with a Las Vegas Crime Lord -Gavin Pyre and was crushed and burned when she caught him cheating on her. On top of that, she saw him killing someone in their basement with his own hands that led to her decision to fled and leave him. But after three long years, Gavin found her and blackmailed her to return in exchange for her good-for-nothing father’s life. Thus, the start of Layla-Gavin emotional roller coaster ride just to get through their relationship. I swear I am a mess while reading just Book 1! And don’t start me with that ending cliffhanger! Thank God Book 2 is already available when I read this. And Recaptured by the Crime Lord was all about new life together as husband and wife. Since we have Gavin’s POV, we also learned how darkness and danger are still around the corner since they haven’t found the killers of Manny and Vinny. Even though it is a little lighter than the first book, it still as emotional and desperate as any book. I just love Gavin Pyre in 2nd book. He is more human in a sense that he is don’t shy to admit his weakness when it comes to Layla. So much death in this series and I cry along with the characters since I super duper adore the supporting casts. Manny, Vinny, and Carmen are totally the bomb. And in some way, I understand why Gavin reacts the way he did when they died. Totally love this series and I cant damn wait for Book 3!!!! Give me Book 3!!!!!

If you have free weekend, better check the book sequence and start downloading the EPUB copy below.

  1. Crime Lord’s Captive
  2. Recaptured by the Crime Lord

Crime Lord Series – Mia Knight

**UPDATE: Book 3 epub copy is already included in link above

Hades Hangmen Series by Tillie Cole


WHAT THE FUDGE DID I JUST READ?!!!!!! This series is offically my favorite MC series. Unexpected characters. One of a kind story lines. Totally alpha-machoness overload. and…. Bucket of tears shed!!! OMG. Where the hell are these books all along? This is the proof there are still gem books I need to read ❤

UNEXPECTED CHARACTERS. One of the main reasons why this series is above all other MC books because of the unusual characters. Yes, there goes the dirty-badass-whoring anti-heroes doing their hellish ways the way biker life should be. Though the heroines in these stories are totally the fuckin opposite; Abused women so innocent of the outside world, tagged as The Cursed coz of their beatifulness that enticed any man who sees. Then there goes the antagonists. You may expect Mafia, another MC and the likes… but say hello to the freakin Pedophiles claiming theirselves as Messiah and all those bullshits about their said religion. Well in my world, i’ll  call them cult or just men sick in the head!

ONE OF A KIND STORYLINES. Honestly, this is the first time I learn about these weird groups other people may called Cult / Witches/ Racists and the likes. This series tackles about the experience of those women under these said religious groups which are actually just bad manipulative people taking advantage of other’s beliefs and innocence. I guess this is what attracted me most in this series. Totally new for me and very informative. Also, dont forget the epic plot twist of Brother Cain. Urghhh!!! Why he have to be the bad guy?!

hades hangmen 2.jpg

TOTALLY ALPHA-MACHONESS OVERLOAD. I know it may sound redundant but I love these men of Hades. I mean they are totally badass and weird as fuck, but they sooooo like the your one man only type of guy. Its so cute how Styx love Salome since he’s 12 when she see her in the forest. Its so nice how Ky fell in love the first time she saw Delilah, and ofcourse my favorite pair Flame and Maddie love each other though both of them are broken. These men are possessive and as protective as usual alpha man is. Ofcourse, sex is also off the charts so you guys wont be disappointed.

BUCKET OF TEARS. As a women, we are anti-abuse. And in this series, the horrors of the heroines in the hands of their cult is totally breaking my heart. The rapes, physical tortures and making them believe the wrong word of God. Those pedophiles die for all I care! Sickos to the bone, forcing themselves on young kids and repeatedly using women for their pleasure. Also, Flame story made me cry so much. Gosh I really love the third book!!!

cursed 2.jpg

Soooooo if you are ready for an interesting story, better start reading Hades Hangmen series. Its not your usual  MC book and I’m so glad Tillie Cole wrote it that way. Super double thumbs up for her! If you dont know where to start, you may check the book sequence below.

  1. It Ain’t Me Babe – Styx and Salome
  2. Heart Recaptured – Ky and Delilah
  3. Souls Unfractured – Flame and Maddie
  4. Deep Redemption – To be released on July 2016

***The 4th book is released today, so I havent read it. Might create another review next time. I just need to blog the 3 books right away since they are still fresh on my mind 😀

If you want an EPUB copy, you may download by clicking the link below.

Hades Henchmen by Tillie Cole




Underground Kings Series: Assumption, Obligation, & Distraction

If you loved and enjoyed the Maysons, well say hello to the extended family! 😀 Though Kenton is the only real Mayson, while Sven is like the adopted kid, and Kai is well lets say the common friend 🙂 These three books are written by amazing Aurora Reynolds, that brought us Until Series, as well as Until Her and Until Him series. And yep.. I’ll make a review as well for the beautiful stories of the Mayson’s spawns!

underground kingd.jpg

Whats the difference? Well we know from Until series that Kenton is like a PI which we associate more often with Nico Mayson. So the series starts with him finding his BOOM though he fights it at first coz Autumn is a stripper. Then goes the stories of falling in love, heroine as damsell in distress and a lot of gunning and killings. Yep, totally badass!

The 2nd book is about Kai and his childhood love Myla. Now this story is about people on the other side of the law. Mobs and underground dealings wherein he focal point is Myla’s heritage and Kai’s family power. Ofcourse were dealing with the black market so killings and explosions are common norms in Obligation

We all know Sven as the rich kid which is BFF of Asher Mayson. He’s like the adopted son and brother of the Mayson family. Soooo in this 3rd book will be about his background story, his family issues and how a little plus size Maggie rocks his world. As a club owner, drugs had been the issue for Distraction, and how they’ll stop the man who had been the reason for the incidents between the three bad-ass heroes’ women.

There is 4th book coming up and its about the 4th man in their group. The happy-go-lucky sniper, Justin, who is under Kenton. Gosh I cant wait for his story, and how the whole situation became personal to him. I. JUST. CANT. WAIT. ❤


For the book sequence, check the list below:

  1. Assumption – Kenton and Autumn
  2. Obligation – Kai and Myla
  3. Distraction – Sven and Mags

To download the EPUB copy, please click the link below.

Underground Kings by Aurora Reynolds

**note: the pictures are not mine. credit to the owners.

Crow’s Row Series by Julie Hockley

This is a very surprising book. I read it when I got fed up with predictable love stories and those mushy couples. I think this is the first anti-hero book I’ve read and totally did not regret it at all. The story was phenomenal, the cover photo was the bomb and the characters are such mind opener for me. I swear you gotta read this book ASAP.


Crow’s Row series is about the life of a criminal. Cameron also called as Crow was the main character in this story and the anti-hero that fell in love with his dead partner’s sister, Emily. As I said this series depicts drugs, death, brotherhood, family and money. All the dirts are coming up and you cant stop yourself to follow every page. You can say the heroine is stupid to follow the wrong path, but hey alpha Cameron is hard to resist xD

So far the series have two books and the both are cliffhangers!!!! Julie Hockley is so unpredictable, that’s why gotta give some love to Crow’s Row. Unfortunately, after 2yrs, 3rd book is still untitled and no idea when it will be released. Because after what happened in Book 2 with the baby in their lives and two men in the picture, damn but i need Book 3!!!

If you really wanna know why I so love this series, please read, read, read Crow’s Row! Seriously unpredictable, front row seat on how criminal mind works, and just gotta love Emily. One of the best heroine I read and thumbs up how she deal being in such dangerous underworld.

You may check the book sequence below and may download the EPUB copy clicking the link.

  1. Crow’s Crow
  2. Scare Crow

Crow’s Crow by Julie Hockley

**Note: The pictures are not mine and the credit is to the owners