Tornians Series by M.K. Eidem


This alien abduction kind of romance are the stories I usually read after I had long intense emotional-wrecking kind of book. Because most of the time alien stories are short, light, funny and have a happy ending. Sooo it was kinda surprising that Tornian series is a little bit longer than I anticipated. As well as story wise, it had rich story plot same as the shifter books I love to read. To say I like Tornians series is an understatement! M.K. Eidem did an amazing job creating story that runs my imagination wild. Because of that, she’s one of my faves now. 🙂

Basically these aliens abducting “unprotected” Earth women was due to their compatibility to provide offspring to Tornian males. Because of the epidemic brought by Goddess’ madness, a female born Tornian became so rare that the ratio of their population is 100 male to 1 female. In short, their species are dying and they need to find compatible women to breed. Since female are so rare, they are very precious wherein laws and policies revolved around them. Its all about their safety, privileged and other outrageous practices that benefit them. So it is really funny when Earth women came to their planet and act freely that made warriors, lords, king and emperor look like a boy into their teenage years. xD

Tornian series have everything. Rich history, evil-conniving bitch, loyal and brave warriors, loving women and loca Goddess. 🙂 It has lots of action moments, sexcapade, and magic. The ‘love-at-first-sight’ kind of romance is very very evident in the story.

If you want something to smile about, start reading Tornian Series by MK Eidem. You may check the book sequence below and download the EPUB copy as well.


1. GRIM – Lisa and Grim
1.5 A GRIM HOLIDAY – Lisa and Grim and Family
2. WRAY – Kim and Wray
3. YNYR – Abby and Ynyr
3.5 ORYON – Isis and Oryon



The Fae Chronicles Series by Amelia Hutchins


If you are a fantastical / paranormal-romance kind of reader, then this series is just for you! I was like scrolling way through goodreads until I found Fighting Destiny. The book cover really got my attention so I started checking out all those reviews. Well as you guys know, I’m into the magic kind of theme so I give it a shot. And wow, totally not a disappointment!

So the story goes off with the female character, which is a witch who saves the mortal world from the dark evil magical creatures such as Faes, demons, and other weird things. Then here goes the very handsome, alpha machoness Dark Fae prince that sort of an enemy / ally that also had a on/off relationship with our very very kickass and strong heroine. In between the storyline, there comes the BFFs, light faes, bad witches, and the goddess. Totally submerged into a powerful magical world. I sooo sooo love this story especially when the book1 ends, I know i got to hold on to  the following books asap!

This series is action-packed! The heroine is a fighter and I so love her because of that. The romance really did not blossom right away, the sureness of their relationship really came right about the 3rd book when babies are about to pop. haha. Love the demon persona, and all those goddess interference. Gosh the plot twists are everywhere which really changed up everything. Love Amelia Hatchins. Her imagination is incredible. This series is really worth your time and money. 🙂

As of now there are 4 books already, and I’ve been waiting for forever for the 5th book! The hype for the incoming war is soooo exciting and I’m so totally waiting for more stories about those little cherubs! The Fae Chronicle series is hands down one of my favorites. Romance, action, humor, tear-jerking moments…you name it! This is so emotionally packed so you guys better start reading it! To know the book sequence, check the list below.

  1. Fighting Destiny
  2. Taunting Destiny
  3. Escaping Destiny
  4. Seducing Destiny

You may download EPUB copy by clicking this link:

The Fae Chronicles Series by Amelia Hutchins


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Night Prince Series by Jeaniene Frost

I don’t know why I kept on stalling reading this book. Its EPUB copy surely sits on my phone for freakin ever! Andddd finally I read it last last week, and I was like, “why did I read it only now?”. Well this kinda unusual vampire story. I mean direct Dracula personification with Vlad Tepesh kinda surprised me.  Jeaniene Frost  surely provide an exciting piece with this series. Rich history and too many weirdos. hahahaha. 😀


The heroine is a fighter that’s for sure. She got this weird powers after electrified that almost burned her to death. Which is why she only lives due to blood sustenance she gets from her dwarf friend and later on from Vlad. Vlad is like the King of the vampire world. Though he is literally a Prince waaayyyy wayyyy back. Ancient, hotshot vampire with one of the greatest power of all. But also, he always have enemies lurking around ready to kill him.

Vlad Tepesh Dracul is a very hard man. But Leila surely soften this vampire for her. Night Prince series is really good one. Love my action and Jeaniene Frost provide it along with brotherhood, betrayal, love and sexcapades. Gosh, alpha overload just with Vlad and you got a kinda stubborn Leila sure provide entertainment.

The series starts with Leila and Vlad first meeting until they get married and all that. For every book, expect some flesh burning, head ripping and explosions! Oh… and blood, too much blood. But you’ll gonna love it. The scenarios were written perfectly and no book is garbage worthy. 🙂

So far there are 3 books available for this series. The 4th one will be available late this year. The book sequence is listed below.

  1. Once Burned
  2. Twice Tempted
  3. Bound by Flames
  4. Into The Fire – not yet available

To get an EPUB copy of the Night Prince series, you may download files by clicking the link below.

Night Prince Series by Jeaniene Frost




Fantasyland Series: Broken Dove


Here comes the book 4! gosh after reading three books, you might say how can KA beat them all?! But damn, KA never disappoint me. Broken Dove is such an emotional roller coaster. I mean its about a Damsel in distress kind of story where a man stricken with grief about her lost wife, looking to find happiness with her deceased love’s twin. Same face, same voice, same body but different with everything. With the complications of two children and ongoing war with she-god and witches really makes it a not-so-easy love story. I love Apollo, i mean hunk of a man, a loving father, warrior in all aspects, but damn sometimes he’s a jerk. Well, all the alpha hero in this series had been a jerk at some point. So maybe, he is forgivable 🙂

Ilsa is an abused  woman of the modern world, running from his husband which is the Apollo of this world. How could you even see the possible future of two people loved the same person but holds different kind of grief for each of them. Both of them lost someone special and the gamble for taking the joy of being in love was sort of have to think through. Everything did not start okay as in great. You will feel the depression of Ilsa which is later on called Maddie. As well as you’ll understand the hesitation of Apollo  especially when it involves his children.

In addition, I would definitely have to mention the guards and friends of Apollo. Those men who spent time with Maddie and help her find happiness in a short amount of time she was alone in the parallel world. I mean those boys sure are hot and amazing. Super funny and all, so you gotta love them through out the story 😀


More, how would I forget Finnie, Circe, Cora and their extra ordinaire husbands with their cutie patootie babies! Yep, book 4 is a powerhouse!!! Super super love how they were all in one story plot. Those fave characters from book1 to book3 are all present in Broken Dove. That even includes Noc from modern world and Circe the real witch. Ofcourse, the devil doers are also present. Those antagonists combined their mean souls to harm everyone else with their selfish agenda. Yep, book 4 is super duper awesome! Fighting scenes are superb, magics are everywhere and children are all over the place. 😀

So if you wanna know what happens to Minerva and all those evil bitches as well as the happy ending of our lovable pairs, start reading Broken Dove now! You may download EPUB copy by clicking the link below.

Broken Dove – Kristen Ashley



Fantasyland Series: Fantastical

fantasticalFantastical is the  third installment of Fantasyland series from KA. The plot setting for this story is in the small city of Belleberyn where Prince Tor resides along with her wife Cora. Along with them that will join the adventure are loyal horse, flightless bird, vickrants and witches.

Souls that was split into two and given to her/his other half or soul mate. Wicked witch turn into she-god Minerva loves to make her play by splitting souls of each soulmates and imply a curse that they must not meet before the wedding takes place. Or a pending doom will occur on the small city. Unfotunately, with the impeccable timing of modern Cora transported to the parallel world, the same time two soul mates were not supposed to met. With innocence, Cora create a doom that will make Tor hate her even more.

Book 3 is about finding your soul mate and learning how to treasure each moments. Cora the Gracious trying very hard to adjust her new life in a different world while falling in love with her supposed husband Prince Tor. Hate and trust, two words very much abundant in this story. And as usual, KA made her readers’ such an emotional mess. As again, im hooked in beyond until the last page.

Magic is abundant in this series and in Fantastical so much more. Ofcourse action packed moments such as fighting magical creatures is super yey! Then that plot where Tor and Cora was transported in our modern world. Also the introduction of the other twin of the hunk alpha man of Fantasyland, Noctorno. Yep, totally awesome 😀


Oh. And at the end part where Finnie, Circe and Cora finally meet for the first time with their god-handsomely husbands and little cherub babies. So cannot wait for the 4th book! To start now with Fantastical, you may download EPUB copy by clicking the link below.

Fantastical – Kristen Ashley

Fantasyland Series: Golden Dynasty

GD 2

Right there above is how I picture Queen Circe and Dax Lahn. Damn. The second book for KA’s fantastical series had been my fave book of all time. Yup, definitely top 1. If you haven’t read Golden Dynasty, you are for sure missing a very very good book.

This second installment is surely waaayyyyy barbaric than the first book. From the first page, damn you’ll be hooked right away. “Wife Hunt” as it says is the major event in Korwahk where warriors choose their wives by hunting them and claiming them right away. Just imagine what would the heroine would feel when she was suddenly transported to this parallel world and one of the females for the Wife Hunt event. Gosh. The feeling of being raped, and warriors killing each other just to get you. Lets not even add the language barrier that will put you on depression. Circe is one of my fave characters in the series. Brave, Loving and Transparent.

Dax Lahn or King Lahn was the epitome of alpha barbaric man. I mean literally, “You Mine, I’m yours” type of guy. hahaha. Its super fascinating how KA make this strong and powerful warrior became soft and loving with her wife. How i wish I have a man like him. Yep, you’ll hate and love Lahn in this story.

I can’t remember how many times I cried and fell inlove as the story goes on. Seriously, KA did a phenomenal job in writing this story. The Korwahk language, barbaric traditions and magic makes it so special. I never hate character as much as I hate the antagonist in this story. Just know how happy I am when his head had been ripped from his body in that scene. Yeah, totally gross. Expect more of that from this 2nd book.


I’m an emotional mess throughout the time I’m reading Golden Dynasty. ( I felt every hurt and cries of Circe so much, as well as the love of Lahn to her golden queen. Specially the last part of the book where Circe was gone, oh men that was totally a bucket of tears moment. Nothing compares to that plot twist, I swear.

If you have not read Golden Dynasty, please please do so. Its kinda pretty long but you can finish it in one seat. You may download the EPUB copy by clicking below.

Golden Dynasty – Kristen Ashley


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