The Ujal and Dragons of Preor by Erin Tate



The Ujals are the first supernatural beings introduced on Earth. In exchange of cleaning the polluted water, they were given freedom to remain in the seas. They can also stay on land since they can shift on two legs as well. Aside from environmental duties, they also seek potential mates thru Intergalactic Mating Agency. As expected with shifters, the stories are bam-insta-love kind of way. I totally love the males and my fave of all is Rhal’s story. Gosh I am a mess after that one!

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After the 4th book, Preor males came. Yes they are mostly males since their race are close to extinction due to lesser born-female dragonlets. They saved the Ujal princess in exchange for assistance in getting a chance to look for a mate. When War Master accidentally found his mate, it starts the love-bug for these dragon males. Amidst the racism and internal war, more have found their match and dragonlets are starting to pop up! This series is hilarious and aggravating at the same time. I love the alpha macho mentality ofcourse, plus the women are fierce in their own ways. You’ll enjoy thsi for sure if you are looking for Happily Ever After. 🙂

To see the book sequence, check them out below.

  1. Vados
  2. Tave
  3. Rhal
  4. Erun
  5. Dashing Through The Stars
  1. Jarek
  2. Taulan
  3. Kozav
  4. Rendan
  5. Zadri
  6. Hatched
  7. Ivoth
  8. Brukr
  9. A Baby for Chashan
  10. Argan

The Tairen Soul Series by CL Wilson

This is a loooongggg series. I repeat 5-book series about the Fey King – Tairen Soul and his truemate Ellysetta. It was all about magic, power, politics, war, death and love. If you want to indulge yourself to the world of Feys, Mages and Elves, better start reading “Lord of The Fading Lands”.

The story starts about Rain – The Fey King and Tairen Soul. After thousand years of seclusion when he incinerate thousand of people after raging fit, he leaves Fading Lands to find solution about their dying race. Instead of answers, he found his truemate who is Celerian, a commoner and a human with no powers – as they initially thought. As the story progress, Elysetta develops her power that slowly reveal her true identity as well.

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Tairen Soul series is simply about Light vs Dark. How goodness of the Fey fights the evilness of the Mages. And in this long history of war, Elysetta is in the center of everything.

Sooooo I love magic, as in fantasy series are my favorites. CL Wilson did an impeccable job in creating a world that is so rich with history and magic that includes remarkable characters. Since the author writes different characters’ POV, it’s either you love or hate them kind of feeling when I read the stories.

The series was really good storyline wise, but I really felt its too long? For me, there are parts that can be excluded or minimize; such as the Celerian court, Mage POV, and Baristani family. The writing is a bit slow for my taste that sometimes its kinda annoying that I just have to skim it away. The good part tho is you’re kinda more invested to the story and its characters. Because really, I cried when Elysetta’s Mama and the truemates died. So much for the rollercoaster emotion. >.<

Anyways, if you are ready for a long escape from reality, better start reading Tairen Soul Series by downloading EPUB copy below. You may also follow the book sequence listed as your guide.

  1. Lord of The Fading Lands
  2. Lady of Light and Shadows
  3. King of Sword and Sky
  4. Queen of Song and Souls
  5. Crown of Crystal Flame

EPUB —> The Tairen Soul Series – CL Wilson