Highlands’ Lairds Series: The Secret and Ransom

As an Asian, I don’t really know what is a Highlander. A mountaineer? caveman? warrior? hmmmmm. Sorry, so not into european history. :/ However, after reading these highlander books, finally got an idea who they are. The pic below definitely describe what they look like; long wavy hair, fit build, and those plaids and kilts! Yup, these Scotland hunks are sure smexy. ❤

Julie Garwood is the first author that introduce me to these cavemen. I really love how she writes her story. Every single book takes you back to the old times were sure cellphones, laptops, and cars do not exist. How the author capture the beautifulness of the Highlands is sure worth dreaming for. Its like a paradise we certainly need in this populated and polluted world. Also, the mystery and action. Highlanders love war, so all those gruesome cutting of flesh or head is sooooo typical in this series.

Highlands’ Lairds series is a really funny story. Its about these Scotland warriors falling in love with the despicable English women. I didn’t even know this war between England and Scotland, honestly. And after reading different highland books, yeah the animosity and hate is surely evident. Anyways, for the first book The Secret, it started about the friendship of two women that solidifies over the years despite of their differences. Its also shows how love overcome old rules and soften hard men. Despite all the war and hate, Lady Judith capture the respect and love of the Maitland clan especially its laird, Iain.

For the second installment, Ransom, it sure is a bonus! The two great friends of Iain Maitland are the main heroes in this story: Ramsey Sinclair, the handsome and compassionate laird and the fierce and brutal laird, Brodick Buchanan. Doube the trouble indeed with the addition of two pretty ladies that will surely get their attention. Yes, the caveman tendecies are on high alert in this 2nd book due to the additional mystery of the lost Arianna box and highlander traitor.

So if you wanna have some alpha caveman romance better start reading the Highlands’ Lairds series. Please check out the sequence below:

  1. The Secret – Iain Maitland and Judith Elizabeth Hampton
  2. Ransom – Brodick Buchanan & Lady Gillian / Ramsey Sinclair and Bridgid KirkConnell

You may grab a EPUB copy by clicking the link below.

Highlanders’ Lairds – Julie Garwood

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Dark Swords Series by Donna Grant

Dark Swords sriesJust finished this series and I know I have to give my review about the stories. If you want a highlander  with a little bit of magic then this is for you.

It all started waaaay back during war between Rome and Britain. In order to defeat Rome, Celtics asked for the help of powerful Druids to unleashed the Gods of Hell. These gods took over the greatest warriors during their time. After pushing Romanians to leave their lands, however the Gods keep on killing everyone. Druids cannot stop the Gods from taking over the humans, have bound them to the warriors instead. Little they know, that Gods bade their time passing from each generation of greatest warrior waiting to be free again. Then the day comes when an ambitious dark Druid unbounded the Gods of the three Macleod brothers. Centuries have passed, and more warriors were created by the dark Druid. Hence, the start of a war between good and evil.

Well, thats actually like the greatest flashback of all. Dark Sword is about warriors with Hell God within themselves that will found love in middle of war of good and evil. These women were mostly a mie, a good Druid. The stories circled about death, love, hate, hope and magic, magic, magic! It has some mystery with them looking for ways to kill Deidre, the drough, a dark Druid. Though there are certain part of the series where I thought, this book should have more progress in the story than just the characters love story. But since this is still romance novel, you cannot expect that sex, sex, sex, will be missed. There are lots of them, and yeah sometimes I hope the book has more fighting scenes. Anyways, I’ll still give this series a 4-out-of-5 rating. 🙂

REMINDER: The story does not stop with Dark Swords series. Story plot continues with the next series, Dark Warriors, so please read Dangerous Highlander first, then follow the sequence the books were published.

Here are the sequence for Dark Swords series by Donna Grant:

  1. Dangerous Highlander – Lucan and Cara
  2. Forbidden Highlander – Fallon and Larena
  3. Wicked Highlander – Quinn and Marcail
  4. Untamed Highlander – Hayden and Isla
  5. Shadow Highlander – Galen and Reaghan
  6. Darkest Highlander – Broc and Sonya

You may download EPUB copy by clicking link below. 🙂

Dark Swords Series by Donna Grant

Please enjoy reading 🙂