Colorado Mountain Series by Kristen Ashley

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I love me some KA books! I think she is the first one to introduce me these ALPHA-BADASS men that would totally swoon you. I adore her style of writing. It’s like you are really so into the story and each character’s POV were written really well. I had some of my faves, especially the first books she published. The hand down series are Rock Chicks, Fantastical, The Three and Mystery Man.

This series started with Nina who leave England for a needed break with her boyfriend that ends up her being in bed with Max. For a week they stay in same house, ofcourse a lot, i mean super duper lot had happened. First, there comes sex. Second, the raped young lady with jerk boyfriend that ends up brusing Nina in a fight that end up by Max kicking his butt. Third, a dead wife and dead half-brother. Fourth, a seriously asshole soon to be ex-boyfriend. Fifth, a dead old-friend who cheated on his paralyzed wife with the town whore. Sixth, a cluster-fuck murder case. Lastly, a happy ever epilogue 🙂

Think about that plot and tell me its not as entertaining at it should be! Sooooo love love KA so much ❤ For the next books, almost same kind of storyline with guns, serial killers, racist police officers, crazy ex-wife, kiddo, and lots of sex. Totally love the people of Gnaw Bone and Chantelle. Never a dull moment in Colorado xD

So for Colorado Series, don’t get me wrong I sooo love it. Especially the first parts, maybe until Book 4. After that, I think it just got me a little off guard. Maybe it is not the usual kidnapping-serial killer kind of theme with damsel-in-distress into the picture. 1-4 is absolutely hands down KA, but the last books…. hmmm she kinda change the way she writes. Maybe she tried to be unpredictable, coz really if you are a fan its the same MO. But still, I love the action and mystery in her stories. It add up to the excitement of every love story. And I think it showcase a lot how hot and alpha macho these heroes are. ❤

Anyways, overall its still a thumbs up for me. This is a perfect read while devouring chocolates or drinking beer. Gotta enjoy the mysteries, heartbreaks, kilig moments and sexcapades. The stories are a little mature, maybe because of the age bracket is like 30-40s. Sometimes it is hard to relate when you’re around 20s or young adult, but since we have great imagination no worries 😀

For book sequence, kindly check below.

  1. The Gamble – Nina and Max
  2. Sweet Dreams – Lauren and Tate
  3. Lady Luck – Lexie and Ty
  4. Breathe – Faye and Chase
  5. Jagged – Zara and Ham
  6. Kaleidoscope – Emme and Deck

For EPUB copy, kindly click the link —>  Colorado Mountain Series – Kristen Ashley


Fantasyland Series: Broken Dove


Here comes the book 4! gosh after reading three books, you might say how can KA beat them all?! But damn, KA never disappoint me. Broken Dove is such an emotional roller coaster. I mean its about a Damsel in distress kind of story where a man stricken with grief about her lost wife, looking to find happiness with her deceased love’s twin. Same face, same voice, same body but different with everything. With the complications of two children and ongoing war with she-god and witches really makes it a not-so-easy love story. I love Apollo, i mean hunk of a man, a loving father, warrior in all aspects, but damn sometimes he’s a jerk. Well, all the alpha hero in this series had been a jerk at some point. So maybe, he is forgivable 🙂

Ilsa is an abused  woman of the modern world, running from his husband which is the Apollo of this world. How could you even see the possible future of two people loved the same person but holds different kind of grief for each of them. Both of them lost someone special and the gamble for taking the joy of being in love was sort of have to think through. Everything did not start okay as in great. You will feel the depression of Ilsa which is later on called Maddie. As well as you’ll understand the hesitation of Apollo  especially when it involves his children.

In addition, I would definitely have to mention the guards and friends of Apollo. Those men who spent time with Maddie and help her find happiness in a short amount of time she was alone in the parallel world. I mean those boys sure are hot and amazing. Super funny and all, so you gotta love them through out the story 😀


More, how would I forget Finnie, Circe, Cora and their extra ordinaire husbands with their cutie patootie babies! Yep, book 4 is a powerhouse!!! Super super love how they were all in one story plot. Those fave characters from book1 to book3 are all present in Broken Dove. That even includes Noc from modern world and Circe the real witch. Ofcourse, the devil doers are also present. Those antagonists combined their mean souls to harm everyone else with their selfish agenda. Yep, book 4 is super duper awesome! Fighting scenes are superb, magics are everywhere and children are all over the place. 😀

So if you wanna know what happens to Minerva and all those evil bitches as well as the happy ending of our lovable pairs, start reading Broken Dove now! You may download EPUB copy by clicking the link below.

Broken Dove – Kristen Ashley



Fantasyland Series: Fantastical

fantasticalFantastical is the  third installment of Fantasyland series from KA. The plot setting for this story is in the small city of Belleberyn where Prince Tor resides along with her wife Cora. Along with them that will join the adventure are loyal horse, flightless bird, vickrants and witches.

Souls that was split into two and given to her/his other half or soul mate. Wicked witch turn into she-god Minerva loves to make her play by splitting souls of each soulmates and imply a curse that they must not meet before the wedding takes place. Or a pending doom will occur on the small city. Unfotunately, with the impeccable timing of modern Cora transported to the parallel world, the same time two soul mates were not supposed to met. With innocence, Cora create a doom that will make Tor hate her even more.

Book 3 is about finding your soul mate and learning how to treasure each moments. Cora the Gracious trying very hard to adjust her new life in a different world while falling in love with her supposed husband Prince Tor. Hate and trust, two words very much abundant in this story. And as usual, KA made her readers’ such an emotional mess. As again, im hooked in beyond until the last page.

Magic is abundant in this series and in Fantastical so much more. Ofcourse action packed moments such as fighting magical creatures is super yey! Then that plot where Tor and Cora was transported in our modern world. Also the introduction of the other twin of the hunk alpha man of Fantasyland, Noctorno. Yep, totally awesome 😀


Oh. And at the end part where Finnie, Circe and Cora finally meet for the first time with their god-handsomely husbands and little cherub babies. So cannot wait for the 4th book! To start now with Fantastical, you may download EPUB copy by clicking the link below.

Fantastical – Kristen Ashley

Fantasyland Series: Golden Dynasty

GD 2

Right there above is how I picture Queen Circe and Dax Lahn. Damn. The second book for KA’s fantastical series had been my fave book of all time. Yup, definitely top 1. If you haven’t read Golden Dynasty, you are for sure missing a very very good book.

This second installment is surely waaayyyyy barbaric than the first book. From the first page, damn you’ll be hooked right away. “Wife Hunt” as it says is the major event in Korwahk where warriors choose their wives by hunting them and claiming them right away. Just imagine what would the heroine would feel when she was suddenly transported to this parallel world and one of the females for the Wife Hunt event. Gosh. The feeling of being raped, and warriors killing each other just to get you. Lets not even add the language barrier that will put you on depression. Circe is one of my fave characters in the series. Brave, Loving and Transparent.

Dax Lahn or King Lahn was the epitome of alpha barbaric man. I mean literally, “You Mine, I’m yours” type of guy. hahaha. Its super fascinating how KA make this strong and powerful warrior became soft and loving with her wife. How i wish I have a man like him. Yep, you’ll hate and love Lahn in this story.

I can’t remember how many times I cried and fell inlove as the story goes on. Seriously, KA did a phenomenal job in writing this story. The Korwahk language, barbaric traditions and magic makes it so special. I never hate character as much as I hate the antagonist in this story. Just know how happy I am when his head had been ripped from his body in that scene. Yeah, totally gross. Expect more of that from this 2nd book.


I’m an emotional mess throughout the time I’m reading Golden Dynasty. ( I felt every hurt and cries of Circe so much, as well as the love of Lahn to her golden queen. Specially the last part of the book where Circe was gone, oh men that was totally a bucket of tears moment. Nothing compares to that plot twist, I swear.

If you have not read Golden Dynasty, please please do so. Its kinda pretty long but you can finish it in one seat. You may download the EPUB copy by clicking below.

Golden Dynasty – Kristen Ashley


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Fantasyland Series: Wildest Dreams


These series had been one of my faves E-V-E-R. That’s why I decided to make a review for each book, coz I believe every story is worth telling for. Kristen Ashley is the absolute best in making this fantasy romance. Ultimate alpha men and brave heroine as major characters are love, love, love! Also, please take note that this is not stand alone. So the following books are for sure continuation of the first one. 😀

To start of, fantasy land series is about love between two different worlds. Or lets say… Parallel World. These heroines are the modern generation of women in our current world, while the alpha men and their fantastical world is where the plot goes. Finnie Wilde is an adventurer who lost her parents when she was young. As an ultimate adventure, she contacts a powerful witch in modern world called Valentine to do her magic and switch her to the other twin or her. Sfjon, the other her in the parallel world agreed to switch places in a year to explore their own desires. Ofcourse, this journey was in exchanged of great amount of money.

The story start of with Finnie being dragged off to her wedding to the lord mercy hunkable Frey Dakkar. The raider who can commands dragons and elves. Yep, totally amazing! However, Frey hate the other Sjofn so they do not start of very great which lead to Frey leaving Finnie on her own after the wedding. Then after  Frey came back from sea voyage, there goes the love story we all we’ve been waiting for. And… did I mention Sjofn / Finnie is the princess of this winter wonderland called Lunwyn? Yep, totally every girl’s dream. 🙂

Ofcourse I wont tell the whole freakin story so I’ll end the summary there. But all I can say was this story was so good. As I told you guys before, I love love Kristen Ashley. This book1 hooked me up right away. The story flow, alpha machoness and all that romance shit is gorgeous. Its not always happy inlove moments, and I’m tellin you everytime Finnie was emotionally hurt, I goddamn feel it too. That how it was beautifully written. Super thumbs up for this series.

So if you wanna start of with this, you may download this EPUB copy by clicking the link below.

Fantasyland Series – Kristen Ashley


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Rock Chick Series

hot bucnh

Kristen Ashley is L-O-V-E. Ultimate alpha writer, yes that she is. You will totally be swooned in all the characters for each books in this series. You’ll love the crazy, danger-prone rock chicks and the alpha-macho-badasses of Hot Bunches. Story plot will keep you on edge and hype with the action pack twists. If you are for some ass-swooping action and hot hot hot alpha love affair, then this series is for you.

This set is already complete with 8 sets of stories (all dependent with each other, so better start from Book 1). So you’ll never get impatient to start that next book! Coz I swear once you start, you don’t wanna stop. So get yourself ready for some steamy sleepless nights 🙂

Here are the book arrangement for the series along with whose pair are you dealing with.

1. Rock Chick – Indy  and Liam
2.Rock Chick Rescue – Jet and Eddie
3. Rock Chick Redemption – Roxie and Hank
4. Rock Chick Renegade – Jules and Vance
5. Rock Chick Revenge – Ava and Luke
6. Rock Chick Reckoning – Stella and Mace
7. Rock Chick Regret – Sadie and Hector
8. Rock Chick Revolution – Ally and Ren
8.5 Rock Chick Redux – Ally and Ren

After reading this, you’ll just not love the main love teams but also the side sideline characters that make this whole series funny and hilarious! Todd, Daisy, Rex and all the Fortnum’s and Nightingale’s gang will be forever ingrained in your brain. Double thumbs up for Kristen Ashley ❤

You may get the complete epub copy of this series by clicking the link below  🙂

Rock Chick Series EPUB


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