Colorado Mountain Series by Kristen Ashley

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I love me some KA books! I think she is the first one to introduce me these ALPHA-BADASS men that would totally swoon you. I adore her style of writing. It’s like you are really so into the story and each character’s POV were written really well. I had some of my faves, especially the first books she published. The hand down series are Rock Chicks, Fantastical, The Three and Mystery Man.

This series started with Nina who leave England for a needed break with her boyfriend that ends up her being in bed with Max. For a week they stay in same house, ofcourse a lot, i mean super duper lot had happened. First, there comes sex. Second, the raped young lady with jerk boyfriend that ends up brusing Nina in a fight that end up by Max kicking his butt. Third, a dead wife and dead half-brother. Fourth, a seriously asshole soon to be ex-boyfriend. Fifth, a dead old-friend who cheated on his paralyzed wife with the town whore. Sixth, a cluster-fuck murder case. Lastly, a happy ever epilogue 🙂

Think about that plot and tell me its not as entertaining at it should be! Sooooo love love KA so much ❤ For the next books, almost same kind of storyline with guns, serial killers, racist police officers, crazy ex-wife, kiddo, and lots of sex. Totally love the people of Gnaw Bone and Chantelle. Never a dull moment in Colorado xD

So for Colorado Series, don’t get me wrong I sooo love it. Especially the first parts, maybe until Book 4. After that, I think it just got me a little off guard. Maybe it is not the usual kidnapping-serial killer kind of theme with damsel-in-distress into the picture. 1-4 is absolutely hands down KA, but the last books…. hmmm she kinda change the way she writes. Maybe she tried to be unpredictable, coz really if you are a fan its the same MO. But still, I love the action and mystery in her stories. It add up to the excitement of every love story. And I think it showcase a lot how hot and alpha macho these heroes are. ❤

Anyways, overall its still a thumbs up for me. This is a perfect read while devouring chocolates or drinking beer. Gotta enjoy the mysteries, heartbreaks, kilig moments and sexcapades. The stories are a little mature, maybe because of the age bracket is like 30-40s. Sometimes it is hard to relate when you’re around 20s or young adult, but since we have great imagination no worries 😀

For book sequence, kindly check below.

  1. The Gamble – Nina and Max
  2. Sweet Dreams – Lauren and Tate
  3. Lady Luck – Lexie and Ty
  4. Breathe – Faye and Chase
  5. Jagged – Zara and Ham
  6. Kaleidoscope – Emme and Deck

For EPUB copy, kindly click the link —>  Colorado Mountain Series – Kristen Ashley



Transcendence by Shay Savage


After I read this book, I was speechless for a while. Then just a big WOW after everything I read sunk in. Gosh! Who would not love Ehd the Caveman? My heart goes to him all the way. Officially, he is one of my fave characters of all time! Transcendence is soooo good. A very worth reading stand alone book. 😀

Want a literal primitive era story with a literal caveman for the main character? Say hi to Ehd and his mate Beh! I so love that it was written under Ehd’s POV so even tough he literally only say “Hoh!”, “Beh” and “Luffs”, we get a pick of his mind. At first I was like, “where the heck Elizabeth came from?”. But as the story progress, you wont care about anything, just that hoping that Ehd make progress with Beh and how will they survive in this primitive era. And this book did not disappoint me at all. Complete storyline until the day they died.

Honestly, my feelings are totally crazed about Transcendence. Im happy for Ehd he found his mate and have beautiful children, but its kinda sad how he have to live alone for a while and felt that loneliness. Then ofcourse just super duper sad that the story have to end! Don’t get me wrong, it was a perfect ending with them dying together. And dont add that freakin epilogue of all epilogue! Damn Shey Savage, that plot twist in the end! Here i was thinking how the fuck Beh’s dad are coming to that cave?! As I said, I got that question for like a minute then just say, “Whatever” and just feel Ehd and Beh’s emotions with Lah almost dying. Cant deny some tears did slip in my eyes.


Sooooo for all those out there who wanna know how a caveman thinks, better read Transcendence! After hearing caveman, its more of the hot alpha machoness to the highest degree, but you’ll be surprised how Ehd’s vulnerability was exposed in this book. I guess that whats make me love his character the most. The insecurities and vulnerability, as well as how honest this man could be! Super duper love Ehd so much. ❤

Please read this book. You’ll gonna miss out so much I swear. If you want an EPUB copy please click the link below.

Transcendence by Shay Savage


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