Real, Raw & Ripped Series: Real, Mine and Remy


How do I even start describing Remington Tate? No.1 superstar fighter? Yes definitely a BIG check! Hot and panty-drooping sexiness? ABSOLUTELY.  Possessive? without a doubt. Crazy motherfucker? YEP. a very disturbing man.

So Real series started about the story of an underground superstar boxer that fall in love at first sight with the therapist, Brooke. After seeing her on his fight, he knocked down his opponent and get outside the ring to get Ms. Brooke’s number. Yeah  kinda sweet right? 🙂 But as the story progress, you’ll learn that not everything is easy about love. Loving a very damaged man was not an easy feat. So many issues, so many dramas. You even include the stupid sister who makes wrong decisions in life that will lead to more complications.

Though Tate is hard to love, I still admire his character. You know, doing his best to be good for the sake of Brooke. Though the temper issues and tantrums are so over the charts, you’ll just feel sympathy for him. And the supporting characters that help and understands him are so great people. I love his family that was built while he is fighting underground. And Brooke… lets give her props for not giving up easily to Tate. 😀

Real is the 1st book of the series. Its about the beginning of Tate and Brooke, as well as the introduction on the underground life. Tate’s tantrums and all the issues need to be addressed. On the 2nd book which is Mine, its about the second chances. Second chance for Tate and Brook as well as the surprised gift of having a baby. The adjustments, pregnancy complications, trust issues and all that. Brooke’s friends were also introduced more in this second installment. Also, don’t ever forget the stupid sister and his boyfriend which is the main rival of Tate in the underground fighting stage.


I wanna share how good this series coz its not the typical fall-in-love happy ending romance. I love how Katy Evans written it with depth and substance. The dramas are not overrated, and I believe it was described accurately especially of a damaged man with psychological issues. Even more beautiful how right support, faith and love can mend a broken man. ❤

So if you want to start reading the Remy -Brooke romance story, better start now by checking out the story sequence below. The 3rd book Remy, is the whole story in Remington Tate’s perspective.

  1. Real
  2. Mine
  3. Remy

You may get the EPUB copy by clicking the link below.

Real Series – Katy Evans


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Fantasyland Series: Wildest Dreams


These series had been one of my faves E-V-E-R. That’s why I decided to make a review for each book, coz I believe every story is worth telling for. Kristen Ashley is the absolute best in making this fantasy romance. Ultimate alpha men and brave heroine as major characters are love, love, love! Also, please take note that this is not stand alone. So the following books are for sure continuation of the first one. 😀

To start of, fantasy land series is about love between two different worlds. Or lets say… Parallel World. These heroines are the modern generation of women in our current world, while the alpha men and their fantastical world is where the plot goes. Finnie Wilde is an adventurer who lost her parents when she was young. As an ultimate adventure, she contacts a powerful witch in modern world called Valentine to do her magic and switch her to the other twin or her. Sfjon, the other her in the parallel world agreed to switch places in a year to explore their own desires. Ofcourse, this journey was in exchanged of great amount of money.

The story start of with Finnie being dragged off to her wedding to the lord mercy hunkable Frey Dakkar. The raider who can commands dragons and elves. Yep, totally amazing! However, Frey hate the other Sjofn so they do not start of very great which lead to Frey leaving Finnie on her own after the wedding. Then after  Frey came back from sea voyage, there goes the love story we all we’ve been waiting for. And… did I mention Sjofn / Finnie is the princess of this winter wonderland called Lunwyn? Yep, totally every girl’s dream. 🙂

Ofcourse I wont tell the whole freakin story so I’ll end the summary there. But all I can say was this story was so good. As I told you guys before, I love love Kristen Ashley. This book1 hooked me up right away. The story flow, alpha machoness and all that romance shit is gorgeous. Its not always happy inlove moments, and I’m tellin you everytime Finnie was emotionally hurt, I goddamn feel it too. That how it was beautifully written. Super thumbs up for this series.

So if you wanna start of with this, you may download this EPUB copy by clicking the link below.

Fantasyland Series – Kristen Ashley


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Racing on the Edge Series


I know this series had been very controversial due to copyright issues of the author Shey Stahl. However, if you just like to read a good book like me, regardless of the author, then this series is for you! I honestly don’t know where to start, just that these books aren’t for short stories peeved reader. Its not just a story about two bestfriends turn lovers, but the author made sure you get the front row sit of racing life. If you’re not a car person, you’ll learn a lot about car parts in this series. I know! I don’t even know what the heck is camshaft and crankcase until I read racing on Edge series. 😀

Soooo to start of, I love happy ending! And Riley family brings you their crazy loving fambam along with their crazier and weirder friends! This series made me laugh and cry so hard. I believe the story was written beautifully, peeking thru Sway’s and Jameson’s minds. The complications, sacrifices, and pure love in supporting someone you love doing his passion and dream. I love Sway, being the Pit Lizard that she is until she became the Mama Wizard and all. I love Jameson for being so HOT and SMEXY all the time and faithful to every special people in his heart. Andddd as I said, all the Riley fambam was so entertaining that you just cant stop loving them as the story goes on.

One book is kinda long, so after book 5 it had covered up to 40 years of their relationship. From their first meeting up to the day they had grandchild. Its just so nice to finally found a book that did not left you feeling like you miss something or a little unsatisfied. I mean you don’t need EPILOGUE for this, the whole series tell you how Sway and Jameson found their happy ending, and oh boy how they found it!

If you are ready for a long weekend, here are the book sequence of Racing on the Edge series by Shey Stahl:

1. Happy Hour
2. Black Flag
3. Trading Paint
4. The Champion
5. The Legend

For EPUB copy of Racing on The Edge series, please click the link below.

Racing on The Edge Series – Shey Stahl


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