Bleeding Hearts series: Echo & Stutter


After the success of Fifty Shades, BDSM stories sprung up like mushrooms. There are so many dark romance novel that you can pick out since its been kind of a trend these past years. Though I like Mr. Grey, I’m kinda so not into those weird sex cravings those characters love so much. That’s why Bleeding Hearts series by A. Zavarelli is the only 3rd BDSM book I’ve read, and I’m kinda surprised it was really good. I did not expect that at all.

Soooo.. How should I compare Echo with other dark romance novel out there? Honestly, I really love the plot story. Though from the start, you might think “arghhh its same storyline…”, but once your in the middle of the book, it kinda change how you perceived the story. As the story goes on its more about vengeance against love. Its about family against the one you love. Its very cool how scenarios were written and how the plot twists add thrill to the story. A. Zavarelli really did a pretty good job writing the 1st book, and she outdone herself on the 2nd book as well.

I love how Stutter was written on Ryland and Brighton’s perceptive. Readers learned how the man thinks. He’s not really the usual anti-hero on usual dark romance books, but just a guy who does not know how to cope with his grief. And really the change  in him after realizing what happen by the end of Book1, its super alpha macho hotness. Love, love, Ryland Bennett. ❤ I also like the Brighton actually, not just a pathetic, weak, and cry baby heroine. She’s smart, knows what she is doing and have sense of self preservation. Really looooove their match 🙂

It was a really good series so better start reading them. The book sequence is below.

  1. Echo
  2. Stutter


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Bleeding Heart Series – A. Zavarelli


Corps Security Series by Harper Sloan


Ex military, navy, marine and those other bad ass men was really cool to read. I always expect some action shit and mystery in its story. With Corps Security series, its both action and drama. The alpha and machoness is surely evident just with Axel alone. But ofcourse, Greg, Cooper, Beck and Maddox have their own moments 🙂

This series has that reality check ground kind of thing. I mean the story had its own dramas: abused and raped women, unexpeted pregnancy, miscarriage, kidnapped kid, and death. Yeah, its been an emotional rollercoaster while reading these books. Its not always that happy romance feeling. Though the lesson of fighting for your love was really the center of the author, Harper Sloan.

The 1st book, AXEL surely about the long time couple Axel and Izzy who drifted apart due to death and military responsibilities. After 10yrs, meeting each other again in a very not so good moments of Izzy’s life which is running from an abused ex husband. The misplaced hate and miscommunications almost ake it impossible to get back together. But the tenacity and stubborness of Alex sure get his way back to her woman’s life.

The 2nd book is about Greg CAGE who find love with his godson’s doctor. Then the remaining books are about the rest of the Corps Security boys and their women’s drama. Ofcourse don’t exclude the shooting and killing scenes in the series. Also, the additon of the little angels tha will make these baby dadddies hotter than ever 😀

If you wanna start reading some romance in the middle of all the dramas, then please check out the Corps Security series by Harper Sloan. Here is the book sequence:

  1. ALEX
  2. CAGE
  3. UNCAGED (mini-series)
  5. LOCKE

You may get an EPUB copy by clicking the link below.

Corps Security Series – Harper Sloan

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Real, Raw & Ripped Series: Real, Mine and Remy


How do I even start describing Remington Tate? No.1 superstar fighter? Yes definitely a BIG check! Hot and panty-drooping sexiness? ABSOLUTELY.  Possessive? without a doubt. Crazy motherfucker? YEP. a very disturbing man.

So Real series started about the story of an underground superstar boxer that fall in love at first sight with the therapist, Brooke. After seeing her on his fight, he knocked down his opponent and get outside the ring to get Ms. Brooke’s number. Yeah  kinda sweet right? 🙂 But as the story progress, you’ll learn that not everything is easy about love. Loving a very damaged man was not an easy feat. So many issues, so many dramas. You even include the stupid sister who makes wrong decisions in life that will lead to more complications.

Though Tate is hard to love, I still admire his character. You know, doing his best to be good for the sake of Brooke. Though the temper issues and tantrums are so over the charts, you’ll just feel sympathy for him. And the supporting characters that help and understands him are so great people. I love his family that was built while he is fighting underground. And Brooke… lets give her props for not giving up easily to Tate. 😀

Real is the 1st book of the series. Its about the beginning of Tate and Brooke, as well as the introduction on the underground life. Tate’s tantrums and all the issues need to be addressed. On the 2nd book which is Mine, its about the second chances. Second chance for Tate and Brook as well as the surprised gift of having a baby. The adjustments, pregnancy complications, trust issues and all that. Brooke’s friends were also introduced more in this second installment. Also, don’t ever forget the stupid sister and his boyfriend which is the main rival of Tate in the underground fighting stage.


I wanna share how good this series coz its not the typical fall-in-love happy ending romance. I love how Katy Evans written it with depth and substance. The dramas are not overrated, and I believe it was described accurately especially of a damaged man with psychological issues. Even more beautiful how right support, faith and love can mend a broken man. ❤

So if you want to start reading the Remy -Brooke romance story, better start now by checking out the story sequence below. The 3rd book Remy, is the whole story in Remington Tate’s perspective.

  1. Real
  2. Mine
  3. Remy

You may get the EPUB copy by clicking the link below.

Real Series – Katy Evans


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Until Series by Aurora Reynolds


Hello MAYSON family!!! yep, hot-smoking men you will definitely fall inlove with. You got Asher, Trevor, Cash and Nico to entertain you with how they got their BOOM with a little bit of action. Falling inlove the first time they met their the ONE as the Mayson curse was called it. Plus with their super fast and strong sperm that  beat all the odds,  I might say. haha. Aurora Reynolds gave us a punch with this series that make all girls swoon on their feet. Alpha men that knows what they want and how to get it. Fastest love pace ever!!!! 😀

This is a four book series and better be read starting from the first book. As the Mayson family grows, every characters interact every now and then until the very last book. Its a kinda fast pace kind of book which still get you attached. I love how the author add mystery and action plot in the stories. Most of all, I super love how tight and family oriented Until series by showing how Mayson fambam support and love each other. Ther heroines, they are lovable. Innocent type of women that needs to be sweep of their feet by hunkable men. Yeah i know typical Cinderella story, but hey the additional twists are fun! and Aurora Reynolds did a superb job on how she writes it. Totally exceptional 🙂

If you will let me pick, I think my fave story is Cash’s. Though everybook is amazing I swear so you may not agree with me. But if you haven’t read anything, better check the story sequence below.


  1. Until November – Asher and November
  2. Until Trevor – Trevor and Liz
  3. Until Lily – Cash and Lily
  4. Until Nico – Nico and Sophie

After Until Series, you better wait for the Underground series which includes Kenton and his dark world friends. Then as well as the anticipated Until Her eeries and Until Him series. Yep, its the beautiful children of Mayson boys!!! Get your hopes up! Imma get another review for that 😀

You may get your EPUB copy now to start reading Until series by clicking the link below.

Until Series – Aurora Reynolds

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