RUIN by Samantha Towle



This is the first time I read a Samantha Towle book. I know I should read The Storm Series first, but I’m just not in the mood to open that one yet. Maybe one of these days…..

So  I started with this one-shot book, RUIN, and I fuckin enjoy it! It just has the right amount of drama, sex and machoness to keep myself on reading til the last page. Plus, Samantha Towle‘s writing style is a 5-star! It’s been a while since I read a fast-pace story. The way she tells the story is direct, concise and still with so much feelings. Also I love how she use both main character’s POV for this.

RUIN actually sells me because of the second chance love story plot with secret baby on the side. I adore little cherubs! It always make the story light and cute. Especially when you imagine how an alpha man is so gentle with a little kid. Gigi girl is so adorable with her imperfect words! Plus Zeus is a total caveman hot and loving and just…. who doesn’t want someone like him tho? And don’t start with Cam! That girl is strong and sassy and she deserves all the love in the world. Love their story really. ❤

So if you want a quick read, cmon and grab a copy of RUIN by Samantha Towle. You may download the EPUB copy below.

RUIN – Samantha Towle

Decoy Series by K.T. Fisher

I finally tried reading a Rockstar series. Its kinda hard to look for a good series that is unpredictable. I mean Rockstar equates alcohol, women, drugs and lot of sex. Oh yeah music is another thing, but some books just focused on being this bad guy asshole type of guy. I mean thats soooooooo predictable and getting boring. Substance please. Lets make these rockstars good dudes.

Soooo how did I end up reading Decoy series? Well I love kids. And stories with babies are more interesting to read. The history, selfishness, stupidness and all the lies are kinda felt surreal. The after four years set up of Kendal Moore and Jax Parker along with the other band members is really something to look forward to. The anticipation and emotional conflictions adds up to the story.

rockstar daddy

Decoy is the band lead up by Jax and his old timer friends Rhys, Leo, and Max. So tired of the rockstar life, the group decided to take a break and get back to their hometown. After four years and still madly inlove with each other the two long time ex-couples finally meet with the additional bonus of Finley Parker. Yep, the secret baby. And there goes the road to forgiveness, second chances and trying to create a new family together.

For the 3rd and 4th installment, its about the chickboys Leo and Max and how they try to get the only girls they want. The two women were actually on the same circle of friends, which is Kendalls BFF. Ofcourse it ain’t that easy, so lets welcome the dramas! Yup. Annnd actually it brings new spice into the series. Tanya’s story was definitely a plot twist and Maisy is sometimes a little stupid. HAHA. 😀

To summarize it up, Decoy series is pretty good. If you want some baby daddy overload hotness this is for you. 🙂 It’s actually a light story, none of those dark vibes going on so good for a one seat type of reading. You better start reading now, so you may check the sequence below:

  1. Rockstar Daddy – Jax and Kendal
  2. Rockstar’s Girl – Jax and Kendal and Finley
  3. Rockstar’s Angel – Leo and Tanya
  4. Rockstar’s Temptation – Max and Maysie

If you want an EPUB copy, please click the link below.

Decoy Series – K.T. Fisher


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