The Tairen Soul Series by CL Wilson

This is a loooongggg series. I repeat 5-book series about the Fey King – Tairen Soul and his truemate Ellysetta. It was all about magic, power, politics, war, death and love. If you want to indulge yourself to the world of Feys, Mages and Elves, better start reading “Lord of The Fading Lands”.

The story starts about Rain – The Fey King and Tairen Soul. After thousand years of seclusion when he incinerate thousand of people after raging fit, he leaves Fading Lands to find solution about their dying race. Instead of answers, he found his truemate who is Celerian, a commoner and a human with no powers – as they initially thought. As the story progress, Elysetta develops her power that slowly reveal her true identity as well.

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Tairen Soul series is simply about Light vs Dark. How goodness of the Fey fights the evilness of the Mages. And in this long history of war, Elysetta is in the center of everything.

Sooooo I love magic, as in fantasy series are my favorites. CL Wilson did an impeccable job in creating a world that is so rich with history and magic that includes remarkable characters. Since the author writes different characters’ POV, it’s either you love or hate them kind of feeling when I read the stories.

The series was really good storyline wise, but I really felt its too long? For me, there are parts that can be excluded or minimize; such as the Celerian court, Mage POV, and Baristani family. The writing is a bit slow for my taste that sometimes its kinda annoying that I just have to skim it away. The good part tho is you’re kinda more invested to the story and its characters. Because really, I cried when Elysetta’s Mama and the truemates died. So much for the rollercoaster emotion. >.<

Anyways, if you are ready for a long escape from reality, better start reading Tairen Soul Series by downloading EPUB copy below. You may also follow the book sequence listed as your guide.

  1. Lord of The Fading Lands
  2. Lady of Light and Shadows
  3. King of Sword and Sky
  4. Queen of Song and Souls
  5. Crown of Crystal Flame

EPUB —> The Tairen Soul Series – CL Wilson



Big Bad Wolf Series by Heather Killough-Walden


Honestly after I read The Heat, it left me kinda feeling MEH. It feels like the author have so much ideas and tried so hard to put in one book. I love action but Book 1 had so much action with little romance. I think the heroine had more interaction with the enemies than the hero itself. Like, WTF right?! Daniel and Lily have little moments and its disappointing. Malcolm Cole had more depth story than the protagonist. 😦

Good thing in The Strip, the pace gets better! The storyline made more sense and additional characters were introduced. It made me more happy to see previous characters are actively part of the 2nd, 3rd and until 4th book. So it became this big supernatural world of werewolves looking for Dormants mate with addition of sadistic shifter who happened to be the leader of Hunters. Not enough, we have Warlocks, Witches, Akyri and Vampires. You will be hooked once you move along with the series. A lot of actions and suspense so you wont be bored reading it.

Overall its worth of 4.5 rating kind of series. It was really magical and that’s what I love the most in supernatural world. Your imagination would be so very colorful and full of unexpected things. It would be so good to escape reality and immersed yourself in their magical world 🙂 I just wish better epilogues. Really that would satisfy my HEA.

Sooo if you want shifter series with more substance than just hot sex, better start checking these books. To download EPUB copy, kindly click the link below after the book sequence.

  1. The Heat – Daniel & Lily
  2. The Strip – Malcolm & Charlie
  3. The Spell – Lucas & Danny
  4. Th Hunt – Byron & Kat

Big Bad Wolf Series – Heather Killough-Walden



Primal Instinct Series by Rhyannon Byrd


I’m kinda on a dilemma on how should I rate this series. Its not that type of book where you just can’t put it down because the story is soooo captivating. The plot is interesting really, and as the series progress, it is really getting better. I don’t know maybe because I feel like Book 1 and Book 2 are just the same story-wise. It’s kinda disappointing honestly. The hype happen for me at Book4 and so on. Maybe you’ll ask why keep on reading? As I said, series plot is very interesting. And as the story goes on, more secrets were revealed and more characters were added. Just hope that more interactions from previous characters to the present one. Kinda miss the couples from earlier books. 😐

Sooo… Primal Instinct is about paranormal creatures. Shifters, Fae, Witches, Vampires…. you name it every extra ordinary human is in this series. Started of with the Merrick descendants who were awaken due to the release of Casus from the Meridian. In order to stop the Casus from killing the Merricks and other humans, the Watchmen interfered. These are the guardians of the Supernatural World who provide order and all that shit. haha. As the war started, they learned that in order to kill forever a Casus soul, they need the Death Markers which are hidden around the world. Thus, the start of war between Kraven, Casus, Watchmen, Death Walkers, and Collective Army.

If you are into Paranormal books, just give it a try. Maybe not one of the best, but the author did improve on the succeeding books. The book sequence is below for your reference.

  1. Edge of Hunger – Ian and Molly
  2. Edge of Danger – Michael and Saige
  3. Edge of Desire – Riley and Hope
  4. Touch of Seduction – Aiden and Olivia
  5. Touch of Surrender – Kierland and Morgan
  6. Touch of Temptation – Kellan and Chloe
  7. Rush of Darkness – Seth and Raine
  8. Rush of Pleasure – Noah and Willow

You may download the EPUB copy by clicking the link / title below.

Primal Instinct Series – Rhyannon Byrd



Awakening Pride Series by Lacy Thorn


This is the first time I read werecats series. As I said before, I love wolves and dragons more. Since I am in the mood for shifter series, I tried reading Lacey Thorn’s work. I am surprised how I enjoy the 1st  book, then the 2nd, until I found myself reading Book 8. Yes guys, its already on its 8th book! Take note its not a short arc per book. Though the story progress isn’t as fast as I wish it would be, its still get more and more interesting as the story goes on. If you’re looking for romance, this is definitely for you.

If I’m gonna rate it, i’ll give it 4 out of 5 stars! Why not perfect 5? Well though I adore the insta-love, mating shit goin on between these couples.. There are some part in the series where there is no progress at all regarding the enemies. I mean I love the sexcapades, wooing, and popping babies that’s happening but I feel its lacking of action moments. Though in Book 1 and Book 6, I’m very satisfied with all the actions and shifting, but in some parts… nah mejj a little boring? Its still good if you’re really more into romance thing. Each couple’s stories are different from each other and sure as entertaining as hell. Don’t get me wrong, Awakening Pride is still a very good series worth reading for.

On the bright side, I think this series is not gonna end soon. With how the pace of the story goes, its still too far to conclude the final scenario. Lacey Thorn still got a lot of opportunity to add more plot twists and interesting characters as the story progress. Since I believe Awakening Pride will coincide with the bear and wolf shifters, gosh can’t wait how the story will fold ❤ I’m still not ready to say goodbye to the Pride fambam. 🙂

Sooo if you are ready to engross yourself with the cats family and learn more about them, kindly check the book sequence below:

  1. Waking the Beast – Utah and Abby
  2. Tempting the Tiger – Reno and Amia
  3. Freeing the Feline – Logan and Clara
  4. Saving the Beast – Zane and Diane
  5. A Jaguar’s Touch – Gideon and Vic
  6. The Liger’s Mark – Gabriel and Kenzie
  7. Unleashing the Beast – Finn and Laura
  8. Eyes on the Pride – Calloway and Darby

To download EPUB copy,please click the link —> Awakening Pride by Lacy Thorn

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Grey Wolves Series by Quinn Loft


Another werewolves series interlaced with faes, witches, and gypsies. Magic is everywhere as the Romanian grey wolves pack fight the evil witches in conquering the world. As the Alpha’s son Fane found his mate, Jacque… the Romanian pack is never the same again. Secrets are revealed, mates had been found and history had been exposed.

Quinn Loft is an amazing writer. Grey Wolves is a 8-book series that depicts the status of the Magic Realm. The war between wolves, witches and faes is the main story plot in the series. Finding love in the middle of on-going war is a bonus for these packs. The romance in the story is the typical mate frenzy and all those iresistable feelings. Its so fun how these wolves became possessive and irrational most of the time :

I love the depth of the series. The different characters introduced as well as the magic they each posessed is very interesting. The story flow is very hyped and the author made each character very special. Everybook is not stand alone so you better start from Book 1 to follow the storyline. As the installment goes on, it gets more interesting and before you know it you are looking for the next book. Super 5 out of 5 rating for this series. Quinn Loftis did a very good job on focusing not only on the romance part, but also giving one heck of plot twists that make the readers say, WTF.

grey wolve.png

If you wanna start this werewolf series, you better check the book sequence below.

  1. Prince of Wolves
  2. Blood Rites
  3. Just One Drop
  4. Out of The Dark
  5. Beyond The Veil
  6. Fate and Fury
  7. Sarifice of Love
  8. Luna of Mine

To get the complete EPUB copy of Grey Wolve series, you may click the link below.

Grey Wolves – Quinn Loftis

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Dragon Kin series by GA Aiken



I wanna introduce one of my fave authors and all-time fave series as well. This is the first dragon-shifter series I read that caused me sleepless nights! Yes, Dragon Kin series is absolutely the best! You’ve got a bad-ass heroine and an alpha dragon with crazy dragon family. The story plot for Book 1 , Dragon Actually is already good, typical mating frenzy. But the humor is the human mate is a bad-ass warrior that adds non-stop action in the story.

I super love my actions, so swords and war are super yehey for me. Dragon Kin series give me that adrenaline rush with addition of romance. As the series gets longer, the more entertaining it is! Every book there are new characters, new challenges and new loves. The politics and history of the dragon and human community were exceptionally written. The magic is soooo rich that I enjoy it as the series prolonged.

Annwyl the Bloody and Fearghus the Destroyer. Their growing family is so much fun to read. GA Aiken knows how to tell a story that is so engaging that its hard to put down the book once you started. Don’t even mention the plot twists that makes me stop to rethink. haha. If you are into paranormal-romance, this series is for you! So check the book sequence below to get started now.

  1. Dragon Actually – Fheargus the Destroyer & Annwyl the Bloody
  2. About A Dragon – Briec the Mighty & Talaith
  3. What a Dragon Should Know – Gwenvael the Handsome & Dagmar the Beast
  4. Last Dragon Standing – Ragnar the Cunning &Keita the Viper
  5. The Dragon Who Loved Me – Vigholf the Abhorrent & Rhona the Fearless
  6. How To Drive a Dragon Crazy – Éibhear the Blue & Izzy
  7. Light My Fire – Gaius and Kachka

There are also mini stories in between Dragon Kin series.

0.1)Everlasting Bad Boys – Ailean the Wicked & Shalin the Innocent
0.2) A tale of Two Dragons – Addolgar the Cheerful & Braith the Darkness
0.4) Dragon on Top – Glheanna the Decimator & Bram the Merciful

The series is a little too long now so you better start reading now. You may download EPUB copy by clicking the link below.

Dragon Kin series by GA Aiken


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Phoenix Pack Series by Suzanne Wright

I am a paranormal-romance fan and my fave of all are the shifters community! Though the only ones I read are wolves and dragon shifters. I know, i know sooo mainstream but hey we have our own preferences! I love wolfs because Im a dog momma and their kinda the nearest link to them. Dragons, coz usually their backstory are soooo centuries ago that interesting characters are usually introduced. Plus, the background plot for them were usually so magical that I’m so hooked with it. Though I hate the overload sex that most authors tried to establish, that’s why its hard to kinda balance out to get a good story.

Honestly, my list for werewolves series is pretty short. Few authors are so incredible who knows how to write a good one. So first, I’ll make a review about the Phoenix Pack series by Suzanne Wright. I love this author actually, I’ll make a review for other books she already published later on. Again, let go back to the series. haha. This series is actually full of sex (even an ORGY is introduced! :o). I know I said I hate overload sex but Suzanne Wright balanced it out with good story plot and characters with substance.


Usually in shifters-romance books, the hero is always the bad-ass alpha and the heroin is sometimes weak and lame. But with Feral Sins, the heroine is sooo feisty and sarcastic. Love Taryn’s character so much in this book. Even the hero is not normal charming hot guy, but a man harder on the edge. The other wolves introduced such as the enforcers and psychotic antagonists are also entertaining to read.:)

Feral Sins is the first book in this series and I’m super thumbs up how it was written. Since the books are not stand alone, you really have to start with Book1 to enjoy the rest of it. Also, in order to read the other werewolf series from same author, which is Mercury Pack series, you really have to align yourself with Phoenix Pack history.

If you want a good steamy werewolf romance for the weekend, please read Phoenix Pack series by Suzanne Wright. I super recommend it, so here is the book sequence:

  • Feral Sins – Trey and Taryn
  • Wicked Cravings – Dante and Jamie
  • Carnal Secrets – Nick and Shaya
  • Dark Instinct – Marcus and Roni
  • Savage Urges – Ryan and Mackenna (to be released on May 3rd 2016)

You may get an EPUB copy of Phoenix Pack series by clicking the link below:

Phoenix Pack Series


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