Crime Lord Series by Mia Knight

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I think I have a new fave author. ❤

I have read a lot of anti-heroes series and this had the feels of A. Zeverelli’s Bleeding Heart’s Series. Especially in the 2nd book where we read the male character’s POV. But since the authors way of of writing are not the same , you can definitely differentiate the two series. What I love more about Mia Knight is that she focused more on emotions and traits of each characters. It’s not like over the top too much thinking from heroine when it feels like redundant everytime she talks about her feelings. I really really like the way the author portray the characters and how she attacks the storyline. She knows when to take it up a notch and when will feel like everything is mild.

This is the story of Layla Dalton who fell in love with a Las Vegas Crime Lord -Gavin Pyre and was crushed and burned when she caught him cheating on her. On top of that, she saw him killing someone in their basement with his own hands that led to her decision to fled and leave him. But after three long years, Gavin found her and blackmailed her to return in exchange for her good-for-nothing father’s life. Thus, the start of Layla-Gavin emotional roller coaster ride just to get through their relationship. I swear I am a mess while reading just Book 1! And don’t start me with that ending cliffhanger! Thank God Book 2 is already available when I read this. And Recaptured by the Crime Lord was all about new life together as husband and wife. Since we have Gavin’s POV, we also learned how darkness and danger are still around the corner since they haven’t found the killers of Manny and Vinny. Even though it is a little lighter than the first book, it still as emotional and desperate as any book. I just love Gavin Pyre in 2nd book. He is more human in a sense that he is don’t shy to admit his weakness when it comes to Layla. So much death in this series and I cry along with the characters since I super duper adore the supporting casts. Manny, Vinny, and Carmen are totally the bomb. And in some way, I understand why Gavin reacts the way he did when they died. Totally love this series and I cant damn wait for Book 3!!!! Give me Book 3!!!!!

If you have free weekend, better check the book sequence and start downloading the EPUB copy below.

  1. Crime Lord’s Captive
  2. Recaptured by the Crime Lord

Crime Lord Series – Mia Knight

**UPDATE: Book 3 epub copy is already included in link above


Real, Raw & Ripped Series: Real, Mine and Remy


How do I even start describing Remington Tate? No.1 superstar fighter? Yes definitely a BIG check! Hot and panty-drooping sexiness? ABSOLUTELY.  Possessive? without a doubt. Crazy motherfucker? YEP. a very disturbing man.

So Real series started about the story of an underground superstar boxer that fall in love at first sight with the therapist, Brooke. After seeing her on his fight, he knocked down his opponent and get outside the ring to get Ms. Brooke’s number. Yeah  kinda sweet right? 🙂 But as the story progress, you’ll learn that not everything is easy about love. Loving a very damaged man was not an easy feat. So many issues, so many dramas. You even include the stupid sister who makes wrong decisions in life that will lead to more complications.

Though Tate is hard to love, I still admire his character. You know, doing his best to be good for the sake of Brooke. Though the temper issues and tantrums are so over the charts, you’ll just feel sympathy for him. And the supporting characters that help and understands him are so great people. I love his family that was built while he is fighting underground. And Brooke… lets give her props for not giving up easily to Tate. 😀

Real is the 1st book of the series. Its about the beginning of Tate and Brooke, as well as the introduction on the underground life. Tate’s tantrums and all the issues need to be addressed. On the 2nd book which is Mine, its about the second chances. Second chance for Tate and Brook as well as the surprised gift of having a baby. The adjustments, pregnancy complications, trust issues and all that. Brooke’s friends were also introduced more in this second installment. Also, don’t ever forget the stupid sister and his boyfriend which is the main rival of Tate in the underground fighting stage.


I wanna share how good this series coz its not the typical fall-in-love happy ending romance. I love how Katy Evans written it with depth and substance. The dramas are not overrated, and I believe it was described accurately especially of a damaged man with psychological issues. Even more beautiful how right support, faith and love can mend a broken man. ❤

So if you want to start reading the Remy -Brooke romance story, better start now by checking out the story sequence below. The 3rd book Remy, is the whole story in Remington Tate’s perspective.

  1. Real
  2. Mine
  3. Remy

You may get the EPUB copy by clicking the link below.

Real Series – Katy Evans


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