McTierney Series by Michele Sinclair

Oh highlanders! How I love stubborn, alpha men with their pretty, feisty and incredible women. Out of all historical books, these Scottish men are my favorites. Never failed to provide mystery, action and humor. Ofcourse drama is there as well, but the lightness and character’s innocence give readers such happy feeling 😀

First, To Wed a Highlander was totally a hoot! How many times did I laugh and cry while reading the book? Conor and  Laurel battle of wits was super entertaining. The strong, stubborn and prideful characteristic of a highlander warrior was the embodiment of Conor while Laurel is the epitome of an angel with a feisty streak and strong will character. I super love the storyline, how the supporting casts was introduced and how every character complement the McTierneys and all. Its like a very big family with esp with the addition of Lauerl’s original roots.

For the succeeding books, it depicts the story of each McTierney brothers. From Conor, to Cole, Colin, and the twins. Every books has different stories telling how each brothers found their soulmate. And all their wives are stubborn, feisty and independent women. I guess that is what makes the story fun. Though they fall in love easily, it doesn’t mean these girls give in easily. If I think about it, its more these warriors are the one being chased. Yeah these men can think of too many complications. xD


I really wish to visit these highland castles and feel like I’ve been part of those highland books I read. Scotland, Scotland, Scotland! Can’t get enough of its rich history and beautiful lands. 🙂

Soooo for those who want short but sweet stories, these books will make your day. Promise you will laugh a lot by the end of the series. Better start checking out the book sequence belows:

  1. The Highlander’s Bride – Conor and Laurel
  2. To Wed a Highlander – Colin and Makenna
  3. Desiring a Highlander – Cole and Ellenor
  4. Tempting the Highlander – Crevan and Raelynd
  5. Seducing the Highlander – Craig and Meriel

For EPUB copy, kindly click the link —> McTierney Series by Michele Sinclair

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Fantasyland Series: Fantastical

fantasticalFantastical is the  third installment of Fantasyland series from KA. The plot setting for this story is in the small city of Belleberyn where Prince Tor resides along with her wife Cora. Along with them that will join the adventure are loyal horse, flightless bird, vickrants and witches.

Souls that was split into two and given to her/his other half or soul mate. Wicked witch turn into she-god Minerva loves to make her play by splitting souls of each soulmates and imply a curse that they must not meet before the wedding takes place. Or a pending doom will occur on the small city. Unfotunately, with the impeccable timing of modern Cora transported to the parallel world, the same time two soul mates were not supposed to met. With innocence, Cora create a doom that will make Tor hate her even more.

Book 3 is about finding your soul mate and learning how to treasure each moments. Cora the Gracious trying very hard to adjust her new life in a different world while falling in love with her supposed husband Prince Tor. Hate and trust, two words very much abundant in this story. And as usual, KA made her readers’ such an emotional mess. As again, im hooked in beyond until the last page.

Magic is abundant in this series and in Fantastical so much more. Ofcourse action packed moments such as fighting magical creatures is super yey! Then that plot where Tor and Cora was transported in our modern world. Also the introduction of the other twin of the hunk alpha man of Fantasyland, Noctorno. Yep, totally awesome 😀


Oh. And at the end part where Finnie, Circe and Cora finally meet for the first time with their god-handsomely husbands and little cherub babies. So cannot wait for the 4th book! To start now with Fantastical, you may download EPUB copy by clicking the link below.

Fantastical – Kristen Ashley

Fantasyland Series: Golden Dynasty

GD 2

Right there above is how I picture Queen Circe and Dax Lahn. Damn. The second book for KA’s fantastical series had been my fave book of all time. Yup, definitely top 1. If you haven’t read Golden Dynasty, you are for sure missing a very very good book.

This second installment is surely waaayyyyy barbaric than the first book. From the first page, damn you’ll be hooked right away. “Wife Hunt” as it says is the major event in Korwahk where warriors choose their wives by hunting them and claiming them right away. Just imagine what would the heroine would feel when she was suddenly transported to this parallel world and one of the females for the Wife Hunt event. Gosh. The feeling of being raped, and warriors killing each other just to get you. Lets not even add the language barrier that will put you on depression. Circe is one of my fave characters in the series. Brave, Loving and Transparent.

Dax Lahn or King Lahn was the epitome of alpha barbaric man. I mean literally, “You Mine, I’m yours” type of guy. hahaha. Its super fascinating how KA make this strong and powerful warrior became soft and loving with her wife. How i wish I have a man like him. Yep, you’ll hate and love Lahn in this story.

I can’t remember how many times I cried and fell inlove as the story goes on. Seriously, KA did a phenomenal job in writing this story. The Korwahk language, barbaric traditions and magic makes it so special. I never hate character as much as I hate the antagonist in this story. Just know how happy I am when his head had been ripped from his body in that scene. Yeah, totally gross. Expect more of that from this 2nd book.


I’m an emotional mess throughout the time I’m reading Golden Dynasty. ( I felt every hurt and cries of Circe so much, as well as the love of Lahn to her golden queen. Specially the last part of the book where Circe was gone, oh men that was totally a bucket of tears moment. Nothing compares to that plot twist, I swear.

If you have not read Golden Dynasty, please please do so. Its kinda pretty long but you can finish it in one seat. You may download the EPUB copy by clicking below.

Golden Dynasty – Kristen Ashley


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Dragon Kin series by GA Aiken



I wanna introduce one of my fave authors and all-time fave series as well. This is the first dragon-shifter series I read that caused me sleepless nights! Yes, Dragon Kin series is absolutely the best! You’ve got a bad-ass heroine and an alpha dragon with crazy dragon family. The story plot for Book 1 , Dragon Actually is already good, typical mating frenzy. But the humor is the human mate is a bad-ass warrior that adds non-stop action in the story.

I super love my actions, so swords and war are super yehey for me. Dragon Kin series give me that adrenaline rush with addition of romance. As the series gets longer, the more entertaining it is! Every book there are new characters, new challenges and new loves. The politics and history of the dragon and human community were exceptionally written. The magic is soooo rich that I enjoy it as the series prolonged.

Annwyl the Bloody and Fearghus the Destroyer. Their growing family is so much fun to read. GA Aiken knows how to tell a story that is so engaging that its hard to put down the book once you started. Don’t even mention the plot twists that makes me stop to rethink. haha. If you are into paranormal-romance, this series is for you! So check the book sequence below to get started now.

  1. Dragon Actually – Fheargus the Destroyer & Annwyl the Bloody
  2. About A Dragon – Briec the Mighty & Talaith
  3. What a Dragon Should Know – Gwenvael the Handsome & Dagmar the Beast
  4. Last Dragon Standing – Ragnar the Cunning &Keita the Viper
  5. The Dragon Who Loved Me – Vigholf the Abhorrent & Rhona the Fearless
  6. How To Drive a Dragon Crazy – Éibhear the Blue & Izzy
  7. Light My Fire – Gaius and Kachka

There are also mini stories in between Dragon Kin series.

0.1)Everlasting Bad Boys – Ailean the Wicked & Shalin the Innocent
0.2) A tale of Two Dragons – Addolgar the Cheerful & Braith the Darkness
0.4) Dragon on Top – Glheanna the Decimator & Bram the Merciful

The series is a little too long now so you better start reading now. You may download EPUB copy by clicking the link below.

Dragon Kin series by GA Aiken


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Dark Swords Series by Donna Grant

Dark Swords sriesJust finished this series and I know I have to give my review about the stories. If you want a highlander  with a little bit of magic then this is for you.

It all started waaaay back during war between Rome and Britain. In order to defeat Rome, Celtics asked for the help of powerful Druids to unleashed the Gods of Hell. These gods took over the greatest warriors during their time. After pushing Romanians to leave their lands, however the Gods keep on killing everyone. Druids cannot stop the Gods from taking over the humans, have bound them to the warriors instead. Little they know, that Gods bade their time passing from each generation of greatest warrior waiting to be free again. Then the day comes when an ambitious dark Druid unbounded the Gods of the three Macleod brothers. Centuries have passed, and more warriors were created by the dark Druid. Hence, the start of a war between good and evil.

Well, thats actually like the greatest flashback of all. Dark Sword is about warriors with Hell God within themselves that will found love in middle of war of good and evil. These women were mostly a mie, a good Druid. The stories circled about death, love, hate, hope and magic, magic, magic! It has some mystery with them looking for ways to kill Deidre, the drough, a dark Druid. Though there are certain part of the series where I thought, this book should have more progress in the story than just the characters love story. But since this is still romance novel, you cannot expect that sex, sex, sex, will be missed. There are lots of them, and yeah sometimes I hope the book has more fighting scenes. Anyways, I’ll still give this series a 4-out-of-5 rating. 🙂

REMINDER: The story does not stop with Dark Swords series. Story plot continues with the next series, Dark Warriors, so please read Dangerous Highlander first, then follow the sequence the books were published.

Here are the sequence for Dark Swords series by Donna Grant:

  1. Dangerous Highlander – Lucan and Cara
  2. Forbidden Highlander – Fallon and Larena
  3. Wicked Highlander – Quinn and Marcail
  4. Untamed Highlander – Hayden and Isla
  5. Shadow Highlander – Galen and Reaghan
  6. Darkest Highlander – Broc and Sonya

You may download EPUB copy by clicking link below. 🙂

Dark Swords Series by Donna Grant

Please enjoy reading 🙂