Bewitched and Bewildered by Alanea Alder

I just come across this book when I feel like reading some werewolf story.Ā  Usually I stick to one paranormal group. But I’ve never been so happy to read a book about different type of paranormal community co-existing with one another! I swear Alanea Alder gives justice to this series šŸ™‚


So basically it all started when some Mothers began dreaming of women in danger who are meant to be their sons’ mate. Due to fear they won’t make it in time, they ask a witch to cast a spell that will lead these female to their mated warriors. And the first one to meet his fated mate is Aiden McKenzie, the leader of Alpha Unit and commander of all warriors. His spitfire of a mate is Meryn who will start the chain reaction for the upcoming events that no one foresee.

Bewitched and Bewildered is truly one of the most humorous series I’ve read! The characters are sassy and funny that every pages are worth reading. You gotta love Meryn I swear and Aiden’s patience is sooo amazing for having such a mate. The Alpha unit’s bond and their growing family is also something to look forward too. Every book you’ll ask what type of female will come next? Because every mate that comes along is special in their own way. Independent and intellectual women that adds life to this loving group. ā¤

If you want to be in good vibes, please read Bewitched and Bewildered by Alanea Alder. You will never be disappointed šŸ™‚

For book sequence and EPUB copy, please check details below.


  1. My Commander – Meryn & Aiden
  2. My Protector – Elizabeth & Gavriel
  3. My Healer – Rheia & Colton
  4. My Savior – Amelia & Darian
  5. My Brother’s Keeper – Anne & Kendrick
  6. My Guardian – Eva & Adriel
  7. My Champion – Kari & Declan
  8. My Defender – Eleanor & Grant
  9. My Angel – Vivian & Etain

Big Bad Wolf Series by Heather Killough-Walden


Honestly after I readĀ The Heat,Ā it left me kinda feeling MEH. It feels like the author have so much ideas and tried so hard to put in one book. I love action but Book 1 had so much action with little romance. I think the heroineĀ had more interaction with the enemiesĀ than the hero itself. Like, WTF right?! Daniel and Lily have little moments and its disappointing. Malcolm Cole had more depth story than the protagonist. šŸ˜¦

Good thing in The Strip, theĀ pace gets better! The storyline made more sense and additional characters were introduced. It made me more happy to see previous characters are actively part of the 2nd, 3rd and until 4th book. So it became this big supernatural world of werewolves looking for Dormants mate with addition of sadistic shifter who happened to be the leader of Hunters. Not enough, we have Warlocks, Witches, Akyri and Vampires. You will be hooked once you move along with the series. A lot of actions and suspense so you wont be bored reading it.

Overall its worth of 4.5 rating kind of series. It was really magical and that’s what I love the most in supernatural world. Your imagination would be so very colorful and full of unexpected things. It would be so good to escape reality and immersed yourself in their magical world šŸ™‚ I just wish better epilogues. Really that would satisfy my HEA.

Sooo if you want shifter series with more substance than just hot sex, better start checking these books. To download EPUB copy, kindly click the link below after the book sequence.

  1. The Heat – Daniel & Lily
  2. The Strip – Malcolm & Charlie
  3. The Spell – Lucas & Danny
  4. Th Hunt –Ā Byron & Kat

Big Bad Wolf Series – Heather Killough-Walden


Phoenix Pack Series by Suzanne Wright

I am a paranormal-romance fan and my fave of all are the shifters community! Though the only ones I read are wolves and dragon shifters. I know, i know sooo mainstream but hey we have our own preferences! I love wolfs because Im a dog momma and their kinda the nearest link to them. Dragons, coz usually their backstory are soooo centuries ago that interesting characters are usually introduced. Plus, the background plot for them were usually so magical that I’m so hooked with it. Though I hate the overload sex that most authors tried to establish, that’s why its hard to kinda balance out to get a good story.

Honestly, my list for werewolves series is pretty short. Few authors are so incredible who knows how to write a good one. So first, I’ll make a review about the Phoenix Pack series by Suzanne Wright. I love this author actually, I’ll make a review for other books she already published later on. Again, let go back to the series. haha. ThisĀ series is actually full of sex (even an ORGY is introduced! :o). I know I said I hate overload sex but Suzanne Wright balanced it out with good story plot and characters with substance.


Usually in shifters-romance books, the hero is always the bad-ass alpha and the heroin is sometimes weak and lame. But with Feral Sins, theĀ heroine is sooo feisty and sarcastic. Love Taryn’s character so much in this book. Even the hero is not normal charmingĀ hot guy, but a man harder on the edge. The other wolves introduced such as the enforcers and psychotic antagonists are also entertaining to read.:)

Feral Sins is the first book in this series and I’m super thumbs up how it was written. Since the books are not stand alone, you really have to start with Book1 to enjoy theĀ rest of it. Also, in order to read the other werewolf series from same author, which is Mercury Pack series, you really have to align yourself with Phoenix Pack history.

If you want a good steamy werewolf romance for theĀ weekend, please readĀ Phoenix Pack series by Suzanne Wright. I super recommend it, so here is the book sequence:

  • Feral Sins – Trey and Taryn
  • Wicked Cravings – Dante and Jamie
  • Carnal Secrets – Nick and Shaya
  • Dark Instinct – Marcus and Roni
  • Savage Urges – Ryan and Mackenna (to be released on May 3rd 2016)

You may get an EPUB copy of Phoenix Pack series by clicking the link below:

Phoenix Pack Series


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